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    Richland Springs ISD should only charge $2 at their home football games Agree / dont agree
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    Rochelle lost most of their school roof from the recent storm. Reported to have water 1ft deep inside building. Wind speeds in excess of 95 mph.
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    Crowded Field Mercy Rule

    Why not ?????
  4. westexasflats

    Longhorns, going, going,gone

    The Horns are going down faster than obummer How do you take that much talent and turn them into non-aggresive losers
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    Super Bore 2013

    Does anyone really care ???????
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    Politics and Polititions

  7. westexasflats

    Texas Deer Species

    I was sittin in a deer stand on my ranch this after noon, no 6 man game to go to tonite. And we'll I got to thinking about how many kind of deer we are blessed to have in our great state. Everyone knows we have our Whitetail and Mulies, but what about some others that you see but never put next...
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    RS last 11 years

    These numbers might not be accurate but their pretty close RS Coyotes 11 years 156W----8L 139W by mercy rule NC,SC,MC--don't let your kids see this