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    Schedule Info Needed

    Richland Springs now has a Bye this week and Feast is playing Rankin. Don't know when or where.
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    Thank you, I appreciate that.
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    Nueces Canyon plays @ Richland Springs on Friday the 17th @ 7:00 P. M.
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    D2 Bracket

    Playoff site for Calvert(H)/Richland Springs(V) should be Hico instead of Gatesville according to text from Coach Burkhart @ 9:30PM 11/23/20.
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    Mt. Enterprise

    Didn't see anything about Griff but Matthew had nine carries for 71 yards and one TD for the Carlisle Indians in their 12 to 0 win over Alto.
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    Richland Springs vs Crowell 9/11/20

    The game was scheduled to be played in Throckmorton on Thursday 9/10/20. Throckmorton advised the field was too wet, so the game was cancelled.
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    Shootout Going On

    Rankin lead early, the the score was tied a time or two maybe more but McLean pulled ahead at the end.
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    RS vs Calvert ?

    Only about 15 seconds.
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    Richland Springs Vs Milford

    Wind is forecast 9MPH@7pm, 8mph@8pm and 6mph @ 9pm. Would not think that would be that much of a factor, 51 degrees might make a difference but should be ideal football weather.
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    Richland Springs Vs Milford

    WVBacker:This team is short three players from last year's championship team, two seniors and one junior who moved.
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    Richland Springs Vs Milford

    90sLedgend, let's see who won Div.2 state in 2010?
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    Division II Region IV

    I see only three top rated teams in Region Four.
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    Varsity FINALS ONLY -- week 10 -- 2016

    Not posting a reply, just want to ask a question. Guthrie was supposed to play Patton Springs Thursday. I have not been able to find the score. Can someone help?
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    Highest Scoring Games

    Firehog: Don't know the greatest difference but one would be:RS 96 Eden 0
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    State games

    BWD Bulletin says D2 starts at 3PM.
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    Playoff Excitement..Let's pick em

    SK: Looks to me like you are the one doing all the talking.
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    Thiz iz a big week

    Don't think so. Only one home playoff game since 1999 was against Buckholts and that followed a playoff game in Buckholts the prior year.
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    Thiz iz a big week

    For Hound_99 and all who are questioning the fairness of of playing in Early. Here are some mileage numbers for you: Jonesboro to Evant 32.3 miles, to Early 72.6 miles, to Hico 29.9 miles Richland Springs to Evant 61.7 miles to Early 35.6. to Hico 98.2 miles. The last time Richland Springs and...
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    Richland Springs VS Calvert Rematch......Thoughts

    I'm sorry, but have Guthrie and Throckmorton already played?