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  1. RedBird Man


    I'm not going to get into it with the Savoy people. I am one also. I've been a fan here for the last 32 years. Married to a Savoy alum, and she didn't want to leave. Raised two kids here in the this district. Both are in teaching profession. One coached here for six years, till this same kind of...
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    Official Snapshot Info

    Talked to Savoy Supt. and he said Campbell was in at 116. Also they were going outlaw for a round and were asking if we would put them on our schedule. Haven't heard anything out of Roxton.
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    Savoy plays both and I really think it is whether you have the athletes or not. My daughter played everything and did just fine. They were competitive and made playoffs in volleyball. We played schools that didn't play VB and were competitive with them in basketball. We had a group of girls that...
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    Roxton joining the six-man ranks

    I am just happy with the news. I have never understood the schools not offering sixman in the East. But I would defer to the veteran Sixman fans on the difference of East/West. By watching and Savoy playing for the last three years, I can say that the power is in the West at the moment. People...
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    Roxton joining the six-man ranks

    I checked the last enrollment to UIL shows the 62 that Burkhalter looked at. Will they not come in under that?
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    Roxton joining the six-man ranks

    That is still great news. Hopefully we can get some more in this area. There are plenty of schools, just need the want to in those districts.
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    Roxton joining the six-man ranks

    Talking to our AD in Savoy, he said they turned in 62. That would put them in D1. I would like to think UIL would put them in with us and move Union Hill to Dist. 16. But you veterans of the Sixman world know how that can go.
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    leverett's chapel vs. savoy

    I'm saying that this was one of the most entertaining games that I have ever witnessed in our short history of Sixman football. This is what this game is about, both teams left it all out on the field. Both teams represented their communities and districts well. Savoy and LC are both loaded with...
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    Savoy vs Campbell

    Great game for Campbell and not so for Savoy. Congrats to the Indians, they made plays when they needed to and stayed away from bad mistakes. They are good sized and play some tough ball. Savoy really is missing the leadership of the kids that graduated last year. Savoy missed some prime...
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    Coming to Sixman???

    The Count is probably close to what is going on. I know that since 7 -12 is in the same building the number on board reports are combined, but that's here in Savoy. We have been in the 90's for quite a while and dropped this time into 80s. It doesn't take much to change numbers pretty quick...
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    Is this not the truth! Well said LD
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    State Game Official UIL Stats

    Was the attendance from Saturday announced or published anywhere? It was my first time, but it looked pretty good.
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    Match-em Up 2014-16

    I found that this is true. I quoted one local paper, but the Fannin County Leader and our coaches said that Fannindel would stay in D2.
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    Crowell State Champions!

    This was my first chance to see the championship games and to watch teams out of the west. For the two years since Savoy was welcomed into Sixman, I could never truly understand how there could be such a difference between east and west. I saw that in person and want to congratulate the Wildcats...
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    I feel the same way and couldn't have put better words to paper myself. I saw what I have been told the last couple of years of being in sixman and understand alot better what the gap is between east and west. Also congrats to Cowboys also, I was impressed with your grit and pure determination...
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    6 man History

    From what I was informed they still had 1-12. They were merged with Bonham ISD. I am sure that some in the district probably ended up in Fannindel or Dodd City.
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    6 man History

    OBK, I found out that Gober school were closed in 1969 due to declining enrollment.
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    A little something.

    T-Jake, you sound like you're getting it together and that is awesome. Listen to the advice on your degree, my son coaches at Savoy and teaches science, and minored in kinesthology. It has been something that has made a well rounded young man out of him. First and foremost is the fact that you...
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    Coming to Sixman???

    Things like that have happened... I do think the board should really look at the majority of parents, students, administration and vote accordingly. But there may have been reasons that she didn't want to go sixman. That's between her and the good Lord.
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    Coming to Sixman???

    That should be a good addition. I hope that it comes about. Savoy went through the whirlwind of talk and conjecture about sixman and whether it was real football. In the last two seasons, we sure have a lot of converts. Any of the schools that have been or are on the bubble, come on in the...