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  1. westexasflats

    Aquilla vs Abbott

    Where's Cowboy on this?
  2. westexasflats

    Did the Rocksprings Supe really just trash six-man

    Well, just because he's the Sup of Rocksprings or any other HS, dont stop him from having diarrhea of the mouth
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    National Anthem Protest

    Whoa, back the train up folks. I fought in Vietnam in 68-69, i saw my friends bleed and die on that miserable ground. I was hurt myself, we fought for, #1 Each Other, #2 Just to get home again, #3 for Country and Honor. The Nfl cowards can kiss my ass. I will never watch again. Oh by the way...
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    2017 UIL Preseason Rankings -- for real

    Certain teams, mostly in the "Deep East" have all the speed, talent, athleticism, but discipline kills them againt stand-up teams.
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    I aint never going hunting in Alaska with you, dont even ask
  6. westexasflats

    2017 UIL Preseason Rankings -- for real

    RS vs Happy in week 1, murders row
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    Be careful Smokey, i doubt he's cogtenance yet!
  8. westexasflats

    Big Dance Participants 2017-18

    RS will be the locamotive, everyone else just pulls the caboose
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    Doc WeeWee?, nah cant be
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    Key word "finalist" Hey, Hi Mom
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    New Masters division at The Best of Texas Shootout!!

    Maybe, you should move the game from ASU to the West Texas Hospital parking lot
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    If your a giver, remember rock salt in the butt justs keeps giving
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    I am going to start deleting accounts

    Cant believe im still here, must be an oversite
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    Things that don't matter to anyone but me

    Youngters nowday want to change everything, they dont care much for the people before them
  15. westexasflats

    2017 Jayton Gridiron Classic

    Happy want be "happy" after this one
  16. westexasflats

    Priddy Girls Coach

    I'm confused, did someone say the girl coach was priddy?
  17. westexasflats

    Lowake Steak House

    Sometime real good, sometime not so much
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    New season....................same ol Coyotes
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    Official Assaulted On The Field

    There is absolutely no reasoning behind this, these kids are thugs probally gang members from SA. They need to be permantly removed from HS and put on work detail. Their Moms and Dads need to be reprimanded because i guaranty you they have not given 1 moment to raising these kids. I personally...
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    pre DCTF 2015

    Hey, that was 3 years ago, they were Drew Brees boys, we took them to see downtown Richland Springs and did lunch at The Duck. Last we saw of 'em they was runnin' north on 45