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  1. RogueEconomist


    For those that have never read or play lose with the UIL rules or plain cheat on recruiting here is a link Read Subchapter M. ELIGIBILITY Section 443: CHANGING SCHOOLS FOR ATHLETIC PURPOSES This is one nasty swamp that needs cleaning up...
  2. RogueEconomist

    End of oil boom effect?

    Anyone care to speculate how many schools will go six man over the next couple realignments as it appears that the west Texas oil boom is in full retreat. If the sanctions on Iran are lifted, some in the know say we could see oil in the 30s a barrel range. When the oil field workers exit, the...
  3. RogueEconomist

    Winning it all Picks

    My picks D1 May beats Crowell in finals D2 Follett beats Calvert