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    Is a charcoal gray jersey with maroon numbers considered a LIGHT Colored road jersey. Red Zone plays were a mess with navy vs charcoal. Another rule not enforced.
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    JV Softball and Baseball

    Rising Star will be fielding a JV baseball and Softball team for 2018. It will be an outlaw team (JV games only). If you will have a JV team this Spring within reasonable proximity to Rising Star contact me (903)517-1609
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    Scrimmage #2

    Rising Star is hosting a scrimmage August 25 If you agreed to play in the scrimmage or wanted to be in the scrimmage please contact me. The date was originally wrong !!! Coach Jones (903)517-1609 Thanks
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    1A Baseball and Softball

    Rising Star is entertaining the establishment of a Baseball and a Softball team for the 2018 Spring season. We have alot of interest and support from the administartion to see if this could become a reality. We plan to play a limited (1 time a week) JV schedule for this coming Spring. We need...
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    Rising Star 6 on 6

    The 6 on 6 scheduled for Monday 5-22 has been rescheduled due to weather. If you are interested in playing Thursday 5-25 beginning at 5:00pm let me know! The last two weeks have worked out well, you are all invited to attend. Contact Coach Jones 903-517-1609
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    Rising Star Hires

    Rising Star has officially hired Shelly Hash (Baird/Cisco) as their new Cross Country and Girls Basketball Coach. Rising Star is looking for Cross Country meets for 2017 Contact: Randy Jones, AD (903)517-1609
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    Rising Star Coaching Position

    Rising Star is looking for a HS/JH Asst Football, Head Basketball, Track/ Cross Country Coach Teaching Fields; 8-12 Social Studies, k-12 PE, Health, or Special Ed Contact: Randy Jones, Principal/AD (903)517-1609