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    Gholson 52 Mt Calm 6
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    District 10 Champs?

    Gholson has the best spread back in the district which gives them a chance against anyone. And with the defense playing like it has look out. Should have pitched a shutout against Abbott except for a inexcusable call by the officials. Should be an awesome few weeks with Gholson playing Blum...
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 5 -- 2018

    Gholson 53 TLCA-0 Half
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    baseball games needed

    Coaches, Gholson ISD is starting a baseball program for the 2018-2019 season. We are looking at playing a few games this year to get our kids some experience moving forward. We have a lot of kids that are excited about playing but very few that have any actual experience. We will be...
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    Blum vs. Aquilla

    I’m pretty sure he said he already went to administration
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    Games Needed

    This game has been filled
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    Games Needed

    Gholson is in need a both Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys games on Dec 8th. I was just informed of a cancellation. Please contact Jeff Shavers cell 254-716-8231.
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    Gholson Celebrity Football Camp

    Gholson's Annual Celebrity Football camp will be held on May 21st @ Gholson HS from 9-3pm. Last year we had over 13 districts represented. If you are interested in attending this years camp we need all entry forms returned by May 4th. For more info you can reply on this post, contact Reece...
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    Congrats to the Gholson wildcats on their first ever playoff berth in only their 2nd season playing varsity football
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    If they had more numbers

    Gholson gave Blum more than they could handle in the first half. Depth got them in the second half but they played their hearts out. Wouldn't want to see them in the first round of the playoffs
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    Gholson 1 --- Gap 0. Forfeit
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    Wk 2 Here we go

    Gholson 2-0 first time ever.
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    Week 7 upsets?

    I agree after seeing both teams play I like Oglesby as well.
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    Week 7 upsets?

    Anyone got upset picks for this week? I have gholson beating kopprel for their first ever district win. Thoughts?
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    BIG Underdog winning

    I'll take gholson over olgesby. 45 point spread but the wildcats are for real
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    This is their first year of varsity football