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    State championship predictions

    May by 6 and Richland by 3. I think these two games will be the most exciting state matchups in a while. While RS is the underdog, I won’t ever count them out with Burkhart at the wheel!
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    Coyotes Headed For State (again!)

    @oldergoat Please re-read my comment. When I said “except for a couple,” I was referring to the stature of the team.
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    Richland Springs-Calvert Rivalry

    Very interesting!
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    Coyotes Headed For State (again!)

    That was quite the game! I really thought Strawn was going to pull it off there at the end. My blood pressure is still elevated. As far as the haters, there’s really not much they can hate on this year. No transfers or “recruits”. Most of these kids are 2nd and 3rd generation RS athletes. Plus...
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    Big Rig Rolling

    Glad to see Big Rig is doing big things. I always enjoyed watching him play. I bet that 3rd place district finish and short playoff run was sure disappointing for him being that it’s his senior year.
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    Being Silenced or censored is not Texan.. Change my mind!

    Granger...always the voice of reason. Thank you.
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    All the crap you say is so ludicrous that it’s not really worth responding to. Plus, the OC story is old news; time for some new content. I didn’t realize you asked me any questions. That slang is hard to interpret sometimes. Anyway, send me his number and I’ll be glad to ask him. I’d be...
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    gig, your ghettoness is really shining bright today with those junior high cut downs. Thanks for the laugh.
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    So Gig...where’s your buddy going now since he already left Mount Enterprise. Word at the barber shop is that he didn’t get his way so he’s out. What Did Mount do that was so terrible? Humor me plz
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    I'd be more concerned with being in possession of pictures of minors on private property without parental consent and harassment, but that's just me...
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    Grindtime, you couldn’t have said it better.
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    Oh Gigem...put in your place and proved wrong once again! haha Time for another new screen name.
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    Dear Landon, 1. Sorry bro, you aren’t allowed to have friends over, especially if they are decent athletes. It causes too much stress and anxiety for the Oklahoma Aggie. 2. Please do not be seen outside of your house between the hours of 8-3:30. You should be inside doing your school work, at...
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    Rigdon/Richland Springs article

    You’re right Grindtime. It’s definitely a Rigdon. You can tell by the ridiculous name calling and lingo. That’s why I haven’t bothered responding to him. Not worth my time. I sure stirred up a hornets nest with my comment though. He responded to the one post 4-5 times. That’s another reason why...
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    Rigdon/Richland Springs article

    Notice a pattern here? A quick google search reveals this and I’m sure there’s a lot more if you dig deeper. While I do think it was planned to bring Burkhart back at the last minute and don’t agree with how it was handled at all (and I’m from RS), Rigdon brought a lot of this in himself and...
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    D2 Texas 6man Coaches' Association All-State Team

    Rigdon is just as explosive on defense as he is offense. He really gets the job done on both sides of the ball; thus, making him the deserved MVP.
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    Recruiting Students for Athletics in High School

    I can guarantee you there’s no recruiting going on in RS. Parents want to give their kids the opportunity to be part of a winning program. It happens all over, not just in RS. You should see all the kids (good athletes) that moved into the San Saba district this year in hopes of a state ring!
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    Track Meet

    Klaactu March is full fledged track season buddy.
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    richland springs vs oakwood.

    What an embarrassing thread for Richland and Brother Barry...yikes. Let’s hope the boys aren’t reading this ridiculousness! If the RS boys can play as a team, they will win this one. It’s going to be up to the adults to make that happen. From what I’ve witnessed, it’s the adults causing the...
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    Worth the read

    A good read from Evan Ren ... ZYJNcXlBzQ