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    Springlake-Earth Needs varsity game 10/15

    Contact Israel DeLeon 806-632-4410
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    Please contact Israel DeLeon @ 806-632-4410 if you need a game oct 8 or oct 15.
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    Springlake-Earth Job Opening

    Football Assistant-Possible DC Basketball Assistant Spring sport Teaching Field - Open Housing Available -$150 per month/ Water paid Teaching Stipend - $10000 above base Coaching Stipend -$6000 Contact Israel DeLeon 806-632-4410
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    Springlake-Earth Open Dates

    Looking for week 2, and week 6 or 7 Contact Israel DeLeon 806-632-4410
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    Springlake-Earth Varsity still looking for game for 10/16

    Due to cancelation, we need a game Friday, Oct 16. Israel De Leon 806-632-4410
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    Springlake-Earth JV looking for games 10/22 and 10/29

    Springlake-Earth needs JV games Oct 22 and Oct 29. Israel De Leon 806-632-4410
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    Looking for a game for Friday 10/16

    Springlake-Earth is looking for a varsity game for this Friday Israel DeLeon 8066324410
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    Springlake-Earth Job Opening

    Springlake-Earth is currently taking applications for Assistant Football, assistant basketball, and assistant track or baseball. Teaching Field -Open Housing available $285 towards insurance Salary -teaching $10 k above base -step 21 to step 30 plus $500 for each year...
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    Springlake-Earth assistant football/ Coordinador

    SE is looking for a coach to help kickstart six man football. We currently have 4 football coaches on staff who have primarily coached 11 man. We are looking for a coach with six man experience to help with the learning curve. Teaching field - Open Salary- state base plus the possibility of...