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    New Owl In Covington

    Just heard there is a new Owl leading the Owls program here in Covington. Whats the word on this guy any ideas what we can expect?
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    Looking to Fill Schedule for 2014 Season

    Covington is looking to fill a football schedule for the 2014 season. We are in a complete rebuilding mode and looking to play games that will be competitive. Still have a few open dates to fill. School has only played two full games (not resulting in 45'd) in two years. If interested please...
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    Junior High, JV results

    Bynum JH - 8 Covington JH - 20 Blum JV - 26 Covington JV - 0 Both really good games. Prayers go out to #19 for Bynum. Took pretty good shot but I hear he will be ok.
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    Covington JV Games Still Needed

    I am still looking to possibly fill the following dates. October 3rd - Home October 11th - Home (Varsity Plays Iredell if Iredell has a JV will play them Thursday if not if they will allow us to play on their field after JH game will be willing to play then) Still have 2 other dates possibly...
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    Covington JV needs games several weeks.

    Covington is looking for some JV games to fill for this season starting as early as Week 1. We are located between Hillsboro and Cleburne and are looking to play to get some kids playing time. We have about 10 kids that need experience and have not played much if at all at the high school...
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    Anyone else having problems getting officials to cover sub varsity games. Any ideas on how to handle this.
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    Head Baseball or Track Asst. Football Basketball

    Covington ISD is looking for a Social Studies Composite Teacher who can coach Baseball or Track and assist in football and basketball. Covington pays above base for teaching and a $5,000 dollar stipend for coaching. If interested please send resume and references to