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    3 man sled, 2 man sled, Plyo Boxes

    We have an older model 3 man sled, 2 man sled, and Plyo Boxes. Both sleds have a standing platform and the padding is in good shape. Plyo boxes are all BFS metal boxes. Most of the landing pads need new wood. Asking 200 for the 2 man sled and 300 for the 3 man sled. Also asking 100 for all the...
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    A Long and Rambling End

    Thank you for all you've done for the sport and the community of Six Man. Good luck in your future endeavors!
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    Track and Field Rant

    So the powers that be, the UIL, have decided to limit (cut in half), the amount of athletes that can compete at the Regional Track meet. This means only 2 can go from the Area meet, or 1 from the district if you’re not having an area meet. No other sport in Texas (that i know of) are having to...
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    Plyo Boxes

    I have a set of 4 metal plyo boxes (the BFS kind) and a set of 3 in Ropesville, TX we'd like to sell. The metal is in good shape but probable needs new wood in the landing pads on most. (easy fix). We'd like to sell all for $100. (set of 4 new is at least $250). Text Coach Bingham at 806 239 0357
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    Used weight equipment

    Need to sell some weight equipment. Would like to sell it all together. We have a neck machine, 6' dumbbell rack, standing curl platform, bench, and also a 4 prong shoulder pad holder. All the padded machines need new padding. Would like to sell all for $100. I can send pictures if needed. Text...
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    Conversations with Coaches

    If ya'll haven't gotten a chance to watch this, it is a must watch. All of the interviews have been awesome!
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    Best Coaching Staffs

    PS- In my opinion, coaching staffs do have a great bearing on Football, baseball, and basketball. Not so much in golf and track. The naturals pretty well take over in those individual sports. Maybe in the 100 and 200. Even those have to be coached in blocks. Golf is also not a natural sport...
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    That’s a great idea Mexican Englishman! While we’re at it let’s let the brilliant fans coach! They know what play to call already!
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    Give me one example of a bad ref coasting a coach his job. I’ll wait. I understand their are bad refs. But the refs we have are all we got. Don’t have a ref, don’t have a game. It’s getting harder every year to find good ones. The only boo hooing I’ll be doing is for the kids that can’t...
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    Why name them? What does that accomplish, other than put a target on their back. They are not governed by the UIL. A coach can always send film to TASO if he/she has a gripe with an official. They usually do a pretty good job of training the official if he/she needs training. Remember, the...
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    Sorry RedRaider, I'm being totally critical. I'm tired of not being able to find Refs to officiate games because Idiotic fans think it's the job of the refs to put up with their moronic yelling, not just ref the game.
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    Yes, I think their is. Better Pay and Better Treatment. Officials are working a part time job. They are not professionals. It amazes me the vile treatment I've seen of some officials in all sports, as if it's a personal thing. It's no wonder we have a shortage of officials. So how would you...
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    It amazes me how people STILL gripe/ask questions about the rankings. THEY ARE A MATHEMATICAL FORMULA!! It's not the AP poll! There's no human intervention. It's all a numbers game. It doesn't take into account 17 year old kids, turnovers, poor coaching decisions, weather, how cool your uniforms...
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    What are some of the best district rivalries and traditions?

    OBK, At the present, that's the plan.
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    What are some of the best district rivalries and traditions?

    This year is the 86th meeting of Ropes vs Meadow and probably the last for awhile. Meadow leads the series 46-33-6. This will be homecoming for Ropes and the Texas Tech freshman band will be there to play. Should be a full house.
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    realignment 2020

    Yes, but 1A football has multiple ways to count if they are over 105 but had previous six man numbers. You are correct that the original count is 9-12
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    realignment 2020

    It's the opposite. 1A has multiple ways to count. Other A's do not.
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    Ropes JV week 4

    Ropes JV is looking for a JV game this week, Sept. 19. We have refs at home but will travel if we need to. Contact Coach Bingham at 806 239 0357. Text is best.
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    Ropes JV week 2

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    Ropes JV week 2

    Ropes JV needs a game on Sept. 5 week 2. Can be home or away. Contact Coach Bingham at 806 239 0357.