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    Whitharral needs JV game Sept 23 or 24

    Prefer to play at home on the 23rd. Will look at all options. Contact Coach Linman Thanks
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    JH B Team Games and JV Games

    Whitharral needs to schedule some JH "B" football games all weeks available. We also will need JV games for weeks 8, 9, 10, and 11. Thanks! Contact Coach Linman 970-520-8890
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    Whitharral is looking for teams to fill our scrimmage on Aug 20. We are also looking to join a scrimmage on the first scrimmage date. Coach Linman 970 520 8890
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    ISO Full or Partial Set of Dumbbells

    Contact Coach Linman Miami ISD (970) 520-8890
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    Miami Needs Week 3 (sept 11) JH and HS game

    We are looking for a Week 3 (Sept 10/11) HS and JH game. Prefer one to be a home game. Contact Coach Linman Miami Warriors (970) 520-8890
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    ISO Dumbbells

    Looking for sets of Dumbbells. 15-100 lbs Please contact: Coach Linman Miami Warriors 970-520-8890
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    McLean Open Dates

    We are looking for games Week 3, Week 4, and possibly Week 7. Please contact Coach Linman 970 520 8890
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    Canceled on in July...need a week 3 JH and HS game

    For the 2nd year in a row we have been canceled on in July. This time we need a Week 3 JH and HS game. We would really prefer a home HS game as we only have 2, but will do whatever we need to do to get a game. Please contact: Coach Linman McLean Tigers (970) 520-8890
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    Week 7 game needed

    McLean is still looking for a week 7 game. Willing to play away or neutral site. Please contact Coach Linman 970 520 8890
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    McLean Asst Coach

    McLean ISD is looking to fill an assistant coaching position. Duties include: cc or football, girls basketball, track or golf. Teaching areas: Social Studies, ELA, or FCS McLean pays $3,000 above, plus $300 towards ins, and 10 days Please send resume to Coach Linman...
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    McLean Head Boys Basketball/Asst Football

    McLean is looking for a Head Boys Basketball Coach/ Asst Football/ Asst Track. Teaching Field is open Must have CDL Great opportunity for the right person. Send Resume to: Coach Linman (970) 520-8890
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    Games Needed-McLean Tigers

    McLean is looking for the following varsity games for the 2019 football season: 1st Scrimmage-Away Week 3-Preferably a home game Week 7- Home or Away Please call or email Coach Linman 970-520-8899
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    Need JH game

    McLean needs a JH game. Can be week 7 or week 8. Call Coach Linman. 970 520 8890
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    Week 7 or 8 Needed

    It is looking like McLean will need a Week 7 (Oct 12) or Week 8 (Oct 19) game. Willing to travel. Please call or email Coach Linman. (970) 520-8890 or Thanks!
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    McLean needs a week 7 Varsity Game

    We just got cancelled on. Need an Oct 12 game. Home or away. Please call or email Coach Linman 970-520-8890
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    McLean Head Girls Coach

    McLean ISD is looking for a head girls basketball coach/head cross country Coach/spring coach. Preferred teaching field is HS science/4-8 generalist (reading, science, history, P.E.) McLean pays $3,000 above base, $1,750 HS Science stipend, $300 towards insurance, competitive coaching...
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    McLean Asst Coaches (2)

    McLean ISD is looking for 2 multiple sport asst coaches. One on the girls side and one on the boys side. Teaching field core subject area, all-level P.E. Must have or be willing to get CDL. District Pays; $3,000 above base $1,750 science stipend $300 toward insurance Competitive Coaching...
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    McLean JH Games

    Mclean is needing to fill 2 of the 3 following dates. Would like both to be home games, but would settle for one home and one away. Thurs, Oct 11 Thurs, Oct 18 Thurs, Nov 8 Please contact Coach Linman (970) 520-8890
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    McLean Looking for March 30th Track Meet

    Looking for a meet on March 30th. Please contact Coach Linman 970-520-8890
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    Mclean needs week 4

    Home or away Coach Linman 970 520 8890