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    Don Meredith: The Original Dallas Cowboy

    Don Meredith: The Original Dallas Cowboy I just ran across this on YouTube. It is a great piece. It is a little over 21 minutes long, but worth every second. If you have seen it, watch it again.
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    Evant vs Fort Worth Nazarene

    On (08/30/2019 @ 7:30 p.m.) The Evant Elks will play Fort Worth Nazarene, shown on Evant’s schedule as Crowley Nazarene, AKA Nazarene Christian Academy, (there.) ... hedule.pdf
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    Astros World Series Championship Rings

    Astros World Series Rings (5 slides) ... 1339417234
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    Bruce Jones Finally Gets His Due

    From 07-27-2016 edition of The Gatesville Messenger – no writer credited ‘Pro’ to finally get his due Turnersville coaching legend chosen for hall of fame Many thought the final chapter had been written 50 years ago. Not so. While the stories remain constant and the interest keen, there...
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    I was checking the Trib. Scoreboard and game was 32-32 late, then they posted the 40-32 final. Who saw that coming? You just never know. What the heck happened?
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    Evant/Nueces County

    For what it's worth...... The Evant/Nueces County game shows up on several schedules as being played at Cherokee Friday at 7:30. Actually the game will be at Evant Saturday at 4:30. It is Evant’s homecoming game. Evant FB schedule Nueces County FB...
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    McDade/Evant/Cranfills Gap

    I suppose due to the Evant and Cranfills Gap coaches not submitting schedules, Sixmanfootball, Lonestarfootball, and MaxPreps all have Evant varsity playing McDade on 09/01. This should be Evant JV playing Mcdade on 09/01. The Evant varsity plays Cranfills Gap on 09/02. Evant JV Schedule...
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    Harrold Hornets story

    What a girl, but is it worth it? Probably should not happen...... ... b0b1d.html
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    Zephyr's Bulldog Bonanza Cancelled

    Four games have been rescheduled for this week-end. This is due to what today's Brownwood Bulletin says are field issues with Zephyr's field forcing them to cancel the Bulldog Bonanza and move their game to Abbott This was mentioned matter-of-factly in the Zephyr vs. Oakwood game preview. The...
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    Evant/Lingleville-August 26th

    This from Wed. Gatesville Messenger "The Elks open regular season play at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug 26 at home against Lingleville. The opener against Lingleville was originally scheduled to be played at Zephyr on Saturday, Aug. 27, but has been rescheduled due to field conditions." Evant and...
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    Anyone remember Abner Haynes?

    Abner "we'll kick to the clock" Haynes. With all the talk about the Pats and Matthew Slater I'm surprised his name hasn't been brought up. Guess they still don't want to acknowledge the old AFL.
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    Evant/Kopperl game 09/04/2015 shows the score as Kopperl 40, Evant 12. The actual score was Evant 63, Kopperl 18. You corrected a score for Evant last year, so if you still do this it would be appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.
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    Evant - missing games

    In case a coach doesn't respond, here are Evant's missing games. Week 1 Fri, Aug 28, 15 at Cranfills Gap 7:30 PM Week 7 Fri, Oct 10, 15 at Medina 7:30 PM ... lsched.pdf
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    There has been an effort by some on this board to get/keep lonestarfootballnet up to snuff. They have the Evant/Moran score reversed. I think the AP score was wrong. If anyone has the authority to correct it, it would be appreciated. thanks
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    Thanks for Evant Football Scores

    I appreciate the effort some are going to getting the Evant football scores. It seems this site is always the first to report them. I don't have access to the scores or anyone to ask until the following Monday. The 1st couple of weeks it was almost Monday before someone on this site was finally...
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    2014 playoff position already secured

    Just saw on the KHOU channel 2 Friday Football Frenzy that a Houston team that they said lost their 48th straight game last night has a playoff position already secured for this year. They are in 4A Div. 2 Dist. 10. There are only 4 schools in that dist. There were supposed to be 5, but one team...
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    LL coach's heartwarming speech

    This ain't football, but this is what sports is all about. ... 20240.html
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    New HISD Mascots

    I was looking for a place to post this and picked here even though sports are involved. I may be insensitive, but this seems silly to me. ... ?cmpid=bna
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    A new sport?

    Check this out. Guess the big old goat is the coach.
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    Titans owner Bud Adams dies ... dams-dies/