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    Why is the J Bird so popular?

    Hope I'm getting the name of the formation correct... it's an overloaded line with a single back and an H back next to the center. Either under center or shotgun. It's not run much in my neck of the woods but it looks like most Texas teams run one version or another. As far as I can see it...
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    Which of the old school systems work best in six man?

    Hope you all find this as interesting as I do. For example: Single wing Wing T Wishbone Veer From what I can tell, a lot of people are running a modified version of the single wing, whether they know it or not. We ran a modified version of the wing T with more T and less wing and both of...
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    What do you hate to defend (and how to stop it) ?

    Talking scheme here, not personnel. Assuming talent is equal, what do you least like to see schematically? Mine is probably an under center, I formation B gap lead with a pull block on the D end by the backside guard. V V V --V-- --V-- --V-- Ex. Play goes to the right. Right guard and...
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    Talking A gap

    Hi everyone. New guy, first post. I've been fascinated with six man football for a few years now and we played around with widening our gaps last year. We don't usually have the horses to run a typical tight formation effectively and spread formations make it hard to run. So, as I mentioned we...