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    Top 5 best coaches

    Impossible to rank 5 because we don't know enough about all of the coaches to be impartial. What about Steele from May or Crumpton from Milford or Mallory from Union Hill? I know they may not be the best coaches, but who has done more for their kids and programs than Bronkhorst or Satcher? Top...
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    Richland vs Milford

    But like the Booster from Richland said on the ESPN special, "they ain't moving here for Band".
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    Removing a Team

    The officials were having a very tough game, but I felt like they were pretty bad for both teams. I'm just not sure how there were no delay of game penalties or any fear of UIL infractions for acting like this.
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    Removing a Team

    I was at a game last night and watched the coach remove his entire team from the field and refuse to return due to "bad officiating". Is this even legal? Eventually they came back on the field, but we were amazed to see them even try this, muchless think that it was ok.
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    Week two comments.

    Me and my kids went to Mount Calm last night and boy did we get every penny worth. Back and forth, but you could really see the difference in the fourth quarter. Abbott boys were falling out, cramping, and being taken off the field. Mount Calm's boys were tired, but were obviously more...
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    How do you Judge a Coaches Success

    I can tell you, having had Coach Satcher coach one of my boys, and seeing the impact he made on our town was simply amazing. Now watching him do the same thing in Mount Calm, I'm blown away. He is a rare breed, and is so humble its scary. He cares about winning, but he cares more about his kids...
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    Humble Pie

    Heard there was a post on here about this. Like I said two years ago to Coach Satcher, the six man community is a tight knit fraternity that is tough to break in to. He hasn't been around long enough to get the benefit of the doubt. No mattere what school hes at, or how good he does while hes...
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    Saturday Moring QB Club

    Guess we can ask Milford, Chester and Gorman if giving up 50+ points to Oakwood is surprising. Why is it so shocking? They can flat out score when they're playing well. This is district and the score from last year wass 66-62. I was at the game, since we play today; but that #1, #15 and #10 are...
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    DREAM Match Ups

    How about Valley and Mount Calm?
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    Gorman vs Oakwood

    I know we aren't in the best place to judge punishment or character building, but I read on here all the time that coaches say how tough they are on character and team building. I don't envy the position you are in, but know, from your posts, you're someone who makes efforts to build young men...
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    It was pretty simple, the Coach and Supe said they weren't allowed to wear pink, and the boys did anyway. The Supe told us that either they all wore pink, or no one. Not sure if that was conveyed to our players or not, because the ones that sat are really good kids. It's really sad, because it's...
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    Saturday Morning QB

    We had a bye this week, so we had a chance to go to the Mount Calm/Avalon game. We thought about Calvert/Live Oak but chose Calm instead. This was our first chance to see MC play since the scrimmage and man are they good. They threw the ball a ton, and ran just as good. Avalon was picked to...
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    two teams to watch

    I was at the Calvert/Buckholts/Mt Calm scrimmage and one thing was sure, if that was the #1 and #3 team in the state there really wasn't much seperation. Both Calvet and MC looked like it was their first scrimmage of the year, same rust/mistakes, but far and away the best two teams I have seen...
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    2015 Rankings are here!

    For the most part, I like the teams listed; but don't see any way Mount Calm hasn't been mentioned yet. Haven't seen any topics on this site where they weren't mentioned as a contender, much less behind not one, but two western DII schools. I loved seeing Jonesboro getting the respect they...
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    Prayers for One of our Own

    Just got word that Coach Satcher's daughter is still in the hospital and has been for a few months. He's a pretty private guy, but I know your prayers would be greatly appreciated.
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    DCTF Rankings

    Haven't found the magazine yet. anyone willing to list DI and DII rankings?
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    Head Job

    Not sure Buckholts will even have a chance. Too many kids transferred out. Not sure how competitive the Badgers will be. Should be High Island and Prairie Lea advancing.
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    6-Man School Finally Gets Hall of Fame Award

    Where is this ceremony?
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    One District Game - One Playoff Berth

    Didn't mean to insinuate they weren't the second best team. Just thought it was odd that today was their first "completed" district game and they made the playoffs.