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    Possible Summer Ball Tournament

    There is a possibility for a summer ball tournament here in Claude. We are wanting to see who is interested in coming to play, we want to make it worth everyone's travel to play. We do not have lights so games would start in the morning and play through the afternoon. The entry fee would be to...
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    Softball: Open Dates

    Claude ISD is looking to fill games for softball whether home or away (within reason) on March 26/27, April 5/6, & April 16/17. For more information or interest please contact Coach Cooley at: or (806) 632-2956.
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    Need a Replacement Basketball Game - Nov 20th

    Claude Varsity Boys are looking for a basketball away game this Friday after a COVID cancellation. Please contact Coach Dunnavin @ 8064716981, email @, or reply here directly.