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    Sterling City Coach and AD

    I have closely tracked HC changes in Six-Man for the last four or five years. There have been quite a few. Matter of fact, there are about 30-35 every year. I think one year there was right at 40. This particular change, and I know nothing, shocks me. Don Hardin Abilene
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    New team to sixman

    The "State" wins were in 1988 and 1958. It is something to be proud of and can never be taken away. More recently, looks like White Deer was 0-10 last season and 0-9 the season before. It is time to turn things around. Just making the move to Six-Man will not mean winning state. It will level...
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    New team to sixman

    School Phone is 806 883-2311 Supe is Karl Vaughn. Once was at Lazbuddie. Head Coach is Jeff Quisenberry. The switch to Six-Man is a done deal I believe from speaking with Mr. Vaughn. It didn't come about without some tension. If you have ever been around communities that have come up to...
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    6 man History

    I spent a year one Friday night in Strawn playing against that 1969 Greyhound bunch. They were a many fine ball club. They beat my Raiders that night 38-18. That one is as fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday. Don Hardin Abilene now Lueders-Avoca then
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    Charles Bryant

    Per the funeral home, services for Charles Bryant will be 2:30 Friday at the Chapel at 400 West Pecan Street Coleman, TX 76834. There will be a visitation same address tonight 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Don Hardin Abilene
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    Charles Bryant

    Charles Bryant VALERA — Charles Bryant, 70, died Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013. Arrangements pending with Stevens Funeral Home of Coleman. Sad news. Don Hardin Abilene
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    2009 Dave Campbell's Texas Football

    My bad guys. I have the 2009 copy. I am chasing stats and was hoping to find stats on Orlando Bell from Star D2 POY 2008. When did DCTF start the feature RETURNING STAT LEADERS? Don Hardin
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    2009 Dave Campbell's Texas Football

    Do you have a copy? If so please PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks Don Hardin Abilene
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    Single Game Best Performances

    These are great example that have been given and I thank each of you. Help me out. I am starving for more defensive stats. Interceptions and tackles and the such. I know I know there is no defense in Six-Man. BS!!!! Hit me with your best shot. Don Hardin Abilene
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    Coach Grimes thread

    I have read this entire thread through several times. Two things I know. This is a tragic story. I consider Coach Grimes a friend from the past, in the present and in the future. God bless you Coach. Don Hardin Abilene
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    State Games for UIL to Dallas!!

    What a great deal it would be for the Six-Man community to play the State Games in a real stadium! Arlington, Houston, San Antonio would all be so much better than in Abilene. I vote for it. There are going to be a few things that will have to factor into the process of playing the same week as...
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    2013 Pre-Season Rankings

    Throckmorton and Abbott could both return to State. The West will again be super tough. D2 I believe that GrandFalls Royalty should be preseason #1 Follett will be close and never count out Richland Springs. If RS has enough kids to field a team they will be a solid threat. Graduation and lack...
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    Faces with the names

    Few if any enjoy Six-Man football any more than I do. Throw in the fact that yesterday I was once again able to witness not one but two State Championship games in my backyard ( Shotwell Stadium), I was giddy. The icing on the cake was a meal between games with a few close friends and a couple...
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    Don Hardin

    The pleasure was mine. Thank you. Don Hardin Abilene
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    Best advice I can give you is come early and stay late and be loud! My understanding is all teams will split the gate four ways. Don Hardin Abilene
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    Throckmorton vs. Rankin after the fact

    Highs, Lows, and Advancers Texas football is unique and dearly loved by the citizens of this state. Large schools to small schools they have their followers that are there for their team from early days of August going forward. In November, there is even a more feverish pitch for all the fans...
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    #1 Richland Springs vs. #2 Milford

    Done. This is an after the fact report. Richland Springs Wins......AGAIN!!! Richland Springs will one day lose a game. Really? Maybe? I have written their obit at least three times this season. I thought they would lose against Gordon, Jonesboro, and Milford. Guess what? Did not happen. They...
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    Can Milford beat the tough RS squad??

    This is after the fact. I knew in my heart there was no way RS could beat Jonesboro. WRONG. After seeing Milford in WEEK TWO I believed they were the upcoming new State Champions even though I have ranked Richland Springs number one all year long out of respect for what they have done in the...
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    Richland vs Strawn

    Strawn has only lost one game all year long and that was against arch rival Gordon. Richland Springs is immortal. What else do you need? Don Hardin Abilene
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    Just wondering?

    Lance Morris was not at 100 percent because of a shoulder injury. That being said, Rankin was the better team and won a game that both teams played great football. Rankin' offense was at times unstoppable and their had three key stops that I believe won the game for them. Good football to both...