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    Missed calls in Baseball

    The box you see on TV is made by the broadcasters but it's not what the umpires are graded by. I've seen pitches not be in that box but the computer grades it a strike. I'm not sure why MLB won't share their real box with the broadcasters.
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    Missed calls in Baseball

    I'm very consistent. It's a strike as soon as it leaves the pitchers hand. Better come out swinging. :ROFLMAO:
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    Actually, the rule does say if players are provided ice cream, they also must provide it to the officials as well. :)
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    Coaching Carousel 2022-2023

    Bryan White is new coach at Chillicothe.
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    Roby-Wichita Christian game controversy

    All it takes is one personal foul that is deemed to be flagrant. You can have 50 personal fouls and not be ejected but if just one is deemed to be flagrant they are ejected.
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    Bet you didn't know!

    I had this situation once in a game. The offense was lined up and out of nowhere this loud blast from a horn comes from the band. It was so loud that not only did the teams jump so did the officials. I did warn the coach and there was no further incident. He inquired about the written rule...
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    I'm not sure on statewide numbers yet, but for our chapter we currently have 16 new members attending our new members class. That's a good number for us but we are still right around where we ended last year in overall membership. Recruiting isn't usually the problem, it's retention. I'm...
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    Just to clarify, chop blocking has been illegal for at least 20 years. A chop block is a combo block between teammates. One blocks high and the other blocks low.
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    The UIL has already accepted the changes that NCAA made and they apply to both 11 man and 6 man. The UIL could have made an exception to these rules but they will never make an exception to a player safety rule. They did make an exception this year to change the playclock after a TD and after...
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    Harrold has hired.
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    Cut Blocks

    To add to Legacy, it is also illegal to block below the waist in any direction when the block is 5 or more yards downfield.
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    Illegal procedure and loss of down.

    Yes. The score is canceled and the try is over.
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    Real Bad Officials

    Welcome to the life of the imperfect. Typical of the human race. I've been searching for perfection for many years but I keep hitting brick walls.
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    Real Bad Officials

    The training at the TASO level is at the highest levels I have ever seen. The UIL and TASO have a great relationship. The UIL once tried to take over officiating and it didn't work out. The problem with officiating is recruiting and retention. It's not bad officiating that you claim but...
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    Six Man vs Eleven Man

    After playing 11 man for the first 2 quarters it was Windthorst 7 and Throckmorton 0 at halftime. Not sure what the score would have been if played 11 man the whole game. I remember the coach saying they didn't score enough points in the first half. He apparently knew what was about to happen...
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    d2 State champs game

    Since instant replay is used in state championship games they may want to consider if they want to have replay for this one. If so, the logistics of that will need to be worked in and would probably need to have a stadium (Texas Tech) that is already equipped with the equipment needed for that.
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    Six Man vs Eleven Man

    Take a look at what happened a few years ago when a sixman team actually played an 11 man team. They played 11 man the first half and I believe it was 7 to 0. The second half that sixman team dominated.
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    New NCAA Rule?

    (Exception: If the passer is legally throwing the ball away and the ball lands near or beyond the sideline.) The exception is all you need. If this happens, then the rule for ineligible downfield does not apply due to this exception. The rule was changed because there wasn't any advantage...
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    Penalty inforcement

    Oldergoat, my statement was not intended to be directed at you. Truth be told it applied to me. Prior to being an official 20 years ago I was a fan. Not just any fan. My uncle, my cousin, and myself would travel to games and we thought we were experts andwe were very obnoxious. I then saw...
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    Penalty inforcement

    It's amazing that everyone is an expert..... until they become an official. :)