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    Six man coaching clinics

    Bump, I checked the website, facebook page(down???) and Twitter. I would like more info on that T6MCA Coach School. I know the date(June 28-30) I think now but where? How much? Thanks in advance to any replies. RichP
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    New six-man coach looking for info

    thank you very much
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    Kick off recv mechanics - time to set up?

    Thanks appreciate the clarification! THANK YOU! I don't like the answer but appreciate the candor! rp
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    Kick off recv mechanics - time to set up?

    Quick question - After my opponent scores - We had a little confusion - but not too long to setup. Other team KO team was ready and I only had 5 on receive team and as soon as the 6 man entered the field - ref blew the whistle ready with that front line player not in position and of course good...
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    Field goal question

    Thanks to all that replied. Especially the video of that playoff game. Some common sense employed there. THANKS TO ALL!!! Rp
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    Field goal question

    Thanks for reply. Many times we play on 100/120 yard 11 man field vs 80/100 yard 6 man field. The field is adjusted by pylons. I would ask to move forward 10 yards for a FG/XP since the field is longer on those attempts. Example on a 100/120 yard field marked down to 80/100 would have Goal...
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    Field goal question

    Anyone remember these plays? LSU Fake FG Pass Left LSU Fake FG over the head pass right 6 Man Legal is the question? I have a great kicker/holder. No one plays FG/XP Safe against them. We play on 11 man field. Can we ask to move up 10 yards for one play? Can we run this and Use the...
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    Wichita Falls Coaching School Questions 2022

    Will this clinic be filmed? Available for purchase? Thanks
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    new to 6man football

    GREEN BOOK Six-man football : a coach's and player's guide with a history of championship teams...
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    new to 6man football

    I was in your situation last year. There is no paid information I could find on Champ Coach or Coaches Choice. There is an annual clinic - mentioned above. Sometimes you can buy the clinic videos from past. They are helpful. There is a book on 6 man called or known as the "Green book" that has...
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    Defensive Holding TX rule

    Ok this was a middle school game. 4th quarter and sun is going down. Score is 40-44 and my team is behind - its a shootout or nobody can play defense today - Maybe 2 minutes left. Ball is on -25. 1st and 15. The opposing team defensive coordinator makes an adjustment and puts his best tall...
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    6 Man Coaching Development

    Ok thanks for the input, I just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing some resource like the ones I listed. I probably will watch some of those games. This year I was a spread gun offense using some 11 man spread concepts - Run Left then bubble right, right right then Tunnel left, Run up the...
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    6 Man Coaching Development

    Hello everyone! I transitioned from 11 man to 6 man successfully this season in middle school. Went 7-3 in my first year. A few coaches from here helped me. THANK YOU! Looking for resources for more six man information. For 11 man football I had - Glazier Clinics - I found a little bit there...
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    Help Please! New to six man!

    Warning LONG POST> I wrote a post earlier different topic. Due to low interest numbers in my middle school I need to convert to 6 man. I am a middle school coach. I received two helpful responses. Looking for more input. My name is Rich Porth - email is [email protected] 832-633-0100 cell WHERE...
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    11m to Six Man

    Good afternoon all I am a Middle School 11 Man coach in Houston TX. Due to low interest in 11 man football along with Soccer being played simultaneously in the fall MS league, I am forecasting low 11 man numbers to the point I may need to convert to 6 man. I enjoyed watching the six man game in...