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    D1 Region 3 & 4

    Jonesboro will get Region 4 Abbott will get region 3
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    Artificial noise makers

    Thank you for your Service and Sacrifice for this country! I give respect where it's due sir! Because of you and the 100s of men and women who sacrificed themselves for us! Is the reason we get to speak our minds! All I can say is until the day they make it a rule that schools aren't able to...
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    Artificial noise makers

    They don't have to point it a different direction because someone may have hearing issues! They have no idea that something may have happened to someone and aren't able to hear or they are sensitive to louds noises! I am 41 years old and I value my hearing! I have no deficits in my hearing. Buy...
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    Artificial noise makers

    What is the world coming too! All of the sudden we are hurt by every little thing! Social Media has made everyone cupcakes! Its to loud, point it towards another direction! Good Grief! It's not like they sit there and just mash the button! Sound like a bunch of 2 years old fighting over a bottle...
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    Artificial noise makers

    It has already been presented to the UIL and it was denied! Nothing wrong with being loud at a football game! It won't ever go away! That's why most sit in their vehicles! JMO, I like that it's loud, shows the fans getting into the game and supporting their team! Anything else is for the birds!
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    Valley - 20 Nazareth - 18 is what score stream is saying
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    Any Score on Naz vs Valley?
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    Bold Predictions week 4

    KC don’t 45 Rankin KC 50 Rankin 32 Agree with Wildcatfan4 KC will not hold Rankin to Negative yardage! Highland by 20 Ira over Loraine by 20 Jonesboro by 45
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    Bold predictions week 3

    Westbrook 52 Rankin 0 at Half! That's all Folks!
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    Bold predictions week 3

    100% the Truth!
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    Westbrook and the rankings.

    Just A great Kid who has had to sit and wait his turn! Has played special teams! Last 3 years and some offense with defense! Coaching with Wildcats5421! I wouldn't have ever guessed he would be as big as he is! I am the other Broadcastor along side Wildcat5421! We are Westbrook Alum who played...
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    Open Cotton Center needs week 3 home game

    I heard yall didn't fill a team!
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    Benjamin’s Scrimmage

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    New Features Coming!

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    Serious Question

    Turn in your correct number is all you have to do! That's it! Talley it up right is all you have to do!
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    Yes, every kid has come out to play! Out numbers are still below 90! Kids who want to be part of something special!
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    Westbrook - 41 #AOE
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    Top teams D1 and D2 2023

    Two great matchups, Follet could win this game! Westbrook vs Knox City is the game I wanted! Just days away! It's getting close to Football Time in Texas! Let's Go! #AOE
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    Top teams D1 and D2 2023

    I respect the reply! And only being able to pick one sports probably sucked! All I'm saying is we had 38 kids come out for football. 30 of those kids played basketball, 30 of those kids did track including cross country, tennis was a mix. 34 came out for baseball! Plus Academics! More driven...