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    realignment 2018

    Smyer used to play sixman and was pretty handy in the 80's.
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    Tioga Forfeits at Half Because of Bad Officiating???

    Not sure but think UIL will have something to say about this.
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    Core Values

    Dogface2 and ol gus. How do you keep your personas straight? You diving in on any of these jobs that are open?
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    Head Boys Basketball - Silverton

    I am going to suggest that an ex-coach from there would be a great hire. He is now Principal, but Clyde Parham would certainly be able to handle this. He has my vote.
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    Waco MCH needs Week 2

    Bet if you ran out to Imperial, BV would take you on.
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    Priddy Girls Coach

    Where did Lasley go?
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    Lowake Steak House

    Would bet he had kin graduating from ASU. Just Guessing
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    Lowake Steak House

    Found it pretty much hit or miss. Have heard of people raving about how good it is, but last few times have tried was not very good. Course have not eaten there since they moved and I still compare it to when was next to gin. Just saying
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    Brookesmith Head Football / AD

    Hope you packed your long johns, gonna get cold up there. Ha Pretty mean guy you are going to work for.
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    Coaching Openings - 2017 Coaching Carousal

    Heard was a guy from Oglesby
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    Trent Football Schedule

    First scrimmage: Veribest @ Trent 6:00
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    You must be bored, asking questions in one user name and answering in another.
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    Coaching Openings - 2017 Coaching Carousal

    Thanks WV backer: I am sure if you ask some other Veribest folks they can help you know the "real" story. Ha As it is in coaching, just a situation that did not work out for me.
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    Coaching Openings - 2017 Coaching Carousal

    Formally of Miami and Veribest?