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    Open Rumor

    Heard the rumor that the coyotes might be looking for a coach. It’s a good time. Don’t be shy.
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    Open JV game needed week 11

    Need week 11 JV game for Richland Springs on Thursday. Contact Coach Rodgers or Ethridge at 903-229-8497.
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    Open Richland needs V game.

    Richland Springs needs a varsity football game the week of September 30. Willing to meet halfway. Contact Coach Rogers or Coach Ethridge at 903–229-8497.
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    Richland Springs needs JV game for this Thursday, 9-22 and JH/JV for 9/29. Call 903-229-8497, Coach Ethridge.

    Richland Springs needs JV game this Thursday, 9-22 and JH/JV for 9-29. Contact 903-229-8497
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    Open Santa Anna JV and JH need game for week 3.

    Our JV still looking for this week, also. Can travel to you. 903-229-8497
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    Open Richland Springs needs JH/JV games

    Richland Springs needs a JH and JV game for Thursday, September 15. Contact Coach Burkhart or Rodgers, or call the school at 325-240-1040.
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    Grand baby needs your intercession

    Thank you gentlemen. Haven completed her second round of treatments and was sent home this week for a twenty day break. She is physically weak but mentally and emotionally doing well. Thank you prayer warriors!
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    Blanket Boys Assistant

    Have VB will travel?
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    Be studs not duds

    Wow hadn’t been 30 minutes and I’m already getting blowback from people I thought I had a pretty good relationship with. One of them really took it hard. Said I sounded like a clown at a five year old’s birthday party. And one responder taunted me with words like Effeminate and pusillanimous...
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    Be studs not duds

    Gentlemen it is time to turn off the bad manners and employ characteristics more reflective of civilized folk. This site was never intended to be used as a sewage dump. All too often some of us —myself included —have responded with words more befitting the gutter than a football website. It is...
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    Grand baby needs your intercession

    One of my grand babies, Haven is fighting a life or death affliction that she’s been trying to overcome now for several months. T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma is her doctors’ diagnosis. She’s been under chemotherapy treatments now for about three months. Haven is a four year old child fighting...
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    Season went poorly... need some input on unbalanced I

    It’s the JBird Coach Use it wisely, not literally. It is a great deceptor.
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    Weight Equipment for Sale

    Can you send me two pictures of the GH bench and the leaper, please. You can send by text to 903-229-8497
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    SpringLake-Earth needs JV games

    SpringLake-Earth needs JV games for 9/3 and 10/15. Contact Israel De Leon @ 806-632-4410.
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    Kopperl Positions Available

    Have volleyball?
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    Strength and conditioning

    Some good additions: Five days instead of four Hour and a half sport specific training But if one of your athletes contracts covid-19 everyone in the group must quarantine for 14 days. Who gave the UIL this kind of authority!? That weight room is not the property of the UIL. I called them for...
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    White Deer Coach Needed

    Volleyball? ;) Just funnin ya. Everyone knows there’s no such thing in SwiftLand.
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    McCamey ISD(not sixman) HEAD VOLLEYBALL

    Hey hey hey, volleyball baby!!
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    Meadow HS Head Football Coach

    Any other positions available, say in admin?
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    Irion County - DC / Assistant BB and Track

    Forgive my ignorance, what is PL? Power Lifting? (: