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    Game needed for week 5 football

    Lingleville needs a week 5 football game for next season Thanks
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    All Star Games

    In regards to coaches running up the score, why not get coaches who have average records instead of only asking the "big" name coaches in six-man or the state champion coaches. Get coaches who are really in this job for the kids and to teach them lesson on and off the field. Stop getting coaches...
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    In need of a Junior High A & B team game for September 27th. Would prefer it to be Home since we will be traveling Friday night. If I can only find a game for one team that will be ok by me I can just mix them all into the game unless it is a B team then I wont have any of the A team players...
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    12 or less

    Lingleville started with 11, and with injuries and waiting for UIL to approve waivers we will be playing tomorrow night with 8 players!
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    LIngleville is hosting at home, Sidney, Bluff Dale and Perrin-Whitt will be attending
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    2-A-Day Numbers?

    Lingleville 11
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    Looking for Headsets

    Coaches, Is there anyone who by chance is getting new headsets and would be willing to part with the old set? Looking for a total of 2-3 headsets please. Email: [email protected] Or just reply on here thank you!
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    weight equipment for sale

    Coach do you still equipment left, if so let me know and I will email you sir! Thanks
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    Shoulder Pads

    Coach, we get our pads from riddell and they are awesome and light weight. I honestly can’t remember the name of them right now,but they are great and all of the come with the back pad built on them!
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    Bryson 6 on 6 May 26

    Sent you an email coach!
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    6on6 Trent ISD

    There any spots left for this?
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    Lingleville Needs Games

    Looking to finalize my schedule for next year, I am open week 5 and maybe 2 as well.