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    Coaching Carousel 2022-2023

    Chester ISD is looking for a head coach.
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    Open Chester HS football, basketball, and baseball Opening

    We are currently searching for an Asst Coach (possible DC), Head basketball, and asst in a spring sport. Teaching field is Core with the possibility of PE. Please send all Resumes to [email protected]
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    Thoughts on Pre-Snap Motion

    I was a 11 man coach all my life. This was the second year of coaching 6 man and I see motion as an advantage to getting more blockers in front of the runner. It also sets up teams who over shift to your motion to come back the other way. We use motion on about 80% of our players just for the...
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    Future Changes (Suggestions Welcome) 2022-23 Edition

    The Texas Football Friday App has live scores and you can comment on it. Its run through Dave Campbells and has everything from 6A to 1A
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    2023 Scheduler Finally Ready!

    Chester is updated but one of our opponents isn't in your known teams. Orange Community Christian is our Week 4
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    Filled Chester looking for Week 4 game and JH games for 2023

    We have an opening for Week 4. We can host or travel. If anyone is interested please email me. [email protected]
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    Filled Chester Week 2

    Coach filled it last week.
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    Filled Chester Week 2

    We had a cancelation this week. Is anyone looking to come to East Texas Week 2? We were scheduled to host and have refs already scheduled.
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    Open Games Needed

    Coach we just had a Week 2 open up. Would you like to come to east Texas?
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    Open Cristo Rey Jesuit Houston

    Coach we just had Week 8 drop us. You still looking for a game? Coach Hilliard 409-203-9666
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    Chester needs Week 8 (filled)

    We just has a team cancel our Week 8 game. Is anyone looking for a game? Coach Hilliard 409-203-9666
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    Field Conditions 22/23

    Our field is in perfect shape at Chester.
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    Adding games to your schedule

    I need to edit my schedule as well. My Week 8 changed
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    Who could or should add football

    Brookeland by the new realignment, they didn't play as a 2A
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    Filled Looking for JH Teams. Weeks 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7

    Coach, I will be in contact once we figure out if teams in our district will have JH.
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    Filled Week 2 Chester HS Varsity

    We had an opponent unexpectedly drop us. We are in need of a week 2, preferably at home since that is what was originally scheduled. [email protected]
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    Yes went to Denton as the HBB where his dad coached. But Calvert will be tough.
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    Week 2 Needed

    Calvert is probably closer then we are but we have a Week 2 open