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    Open Gordon jh/Jv Sept 21st week 5

    Contact Mike Reed [email protected] Jh and JV week 5 needed
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    Open Gordon JV need September 14th

    Gordon needs a JV game for sept 14th week 4
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    Open JV and JH games needed

    Gordon JV needs a game on August 24th and 31st Gordon JH needs a game September 14th Call at 325-668-2731 Mike Reed
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    New 6 on 6 rules “version 2”

    Must be an exchange. Prior to Run.
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    New 6 on 6 rules “version 2”

    In the early 2000’s a group of coaches toyed and came up the 6 on 6 rules we are still using to this day. The 7 on 7 and 11 man family have held stead fast to their rules even though it does have its issues and lack of accountability to translate into the actual season. I have been toying...
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    Gordon Track Meets

    Slots are filling up
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    Gordon Track Meets

    Gordon High School will be Hosting track meets on these dates February 27th Monday Junior High Only (Run and Gun) March 6th Monday Junior High and High School (Run and Gun) April 1st Saturday Junior High and High School
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    Week 14 broadcast or live streams of Quarterfinal Games

    Livestream at ( Gordon Vs Abbott Live stream
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    Playoff Broadcasts

    Livestream at ( Gordon Vs Blum Live stream
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    Week 12 broadcast or live streams of Bi-District games Gordon Vs Saint Jo Friday 7 pm Live streaming
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    Week 10 broadcast or live streams

    To reach our Gordon live streaming website click on the link below. Vs Baird varsity tonight at 7:30 You can also access on streaming devices Cost: $8
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    Open Gordon JV game needed Oct 20th

    Gordon is need of a JV Oct 20th game We could possibly play in Lingleville or we could travel. [email protected]
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    I never got to see Tanner Woods on film or in person, I knew his stats were really good, just never got to see him to make an educated decision. There was a discussion some years ago with Private school Strand kid and pulblic school and best passers, but I honestly never saw a single clip or...
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    Trucker Tony I enjoy good ole memory lane and I thought I'd join your conversion. This topic comes up around fire pits and always brings enjoyable healthy conversations. I have been lucky to see lots of good sixman football for nearly 30 years as assistant and head coach. Doing this took me...
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    That’s correct, as of now that is the interpretation of officials. Now Uil is allowing 11 man association and 6 man association modify, or accept or decline the new rule.
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    The tackle box is five yards to the left of the center and 5 yards to the right if the center and dissolves after the snap. So pretty much can cut the first line of scrimmage at the snap. Then after that it’s a penalty. The issue with 11 man vs 6 is in this instance. Their is two less...
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    I called the lead officials of a chapter that will be meeting in July and their interpretation at this point is that the 5 yard to left and right of center (tackle box) is forward and that the spread rushers will not be allowed to be cut.
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    I went to camp today at Abilene Wylie and the UIL is telling THSCA they dint have to accept the NCAA rule being amended. This can be an option for our association and classification as well is my understanding
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    This will be discussed in finer detail by chapter Officals at the end of July. Running backs will no longer be able to cut block And spread rushers no longer have to be worried bout being cut by spread up backs.
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    Quarterback, option spread back and Wide Receiver Camp Sat 18th

    Saturday 18th 2022 10:00 am-3:00 pm Gordon Tx