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    Apple springs JV

    We are in need of some JV games if anyone has some openings the rest of the season please let me know. My number is 325-812-5152. Thanks, Coach Jackson
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    Who could or should add football

    they are still to small, but it would be cool to see Valentine, Marathon , and Comstock play
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    Grandfalls 11-12 game needed

    If anyone has lost an opening day game please let me know we are looking My number is 325-812-5152 Thanks, Coach Jackson
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    Grandfalls Basketball

    We are looking for a games on December 28th and 31st. A Tournament opening would be good too. If interested please contact Coach Jackson 325-812-5152
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    Lubbock All Saints Boys looking for games

    if we lose in football today ill be able to play you on both days i will not know until tonight if we will be playing football or not My varsity last season only won 2 games we are not a basketball program i am trying to rebuild
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    Grandfalls 53 Dell City 8
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    Grandfalls JH Football looking for a game next week Oct. 8th

    Dell City may not have enough player to play us next week it is our homecoming so i would like for my jr high to play if at all possible. I am even willing to travel. My number is 325-812-5152 Thanks, Coach Jackson
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    Grandfalls 49 Wellman 0
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    Grandfalls 53 Permian Basin Home School 6
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    Grandfalls-Royalty coaching positions

    Grandfalls-Royalty ISD is looking for a who will be an assistant, as well as a girls assistant coach. Teaching field is Open at this time. Please contact Noah Jackson at [email protected] or 325-812-5152 I can get you in touch with people with more information if you are interested.
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    6 on 6 in Grandfalls

    I would like to host some 6 on 6 football this summer in Grandfalls about once a week. If anyone is interested contact Coach Jackson for more information. I want to do a league type thing play about 2 once a week. My email is [email protected]. may even do some 7 on 7 if 11 man teams want in on...
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    Grandfalls Football

    We are looking for a week 2 or week 11 game. If anyone has an opening please contact Coach Jackson. My Email is [email protected].
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    First day numbers

    Grandfalls- 15
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    Where Does He Now Rank?

    I played Against TE in high school the kid was unbelievably good. He did things on the field i thought were impossible. He could contort his body to fit through holes i thought we had blocked off. He was an amazing talent, and could throw the ball down field like no one else i have ever seen in...
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    Dave Campbell New Prediction Observation/Question (MI?)

    my human projections are Balmorhea vs Leakey Balmorhea wins Grandfalls-Royalty vs Strawn Grandfall wins
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    What are some of the best district rivalries and traditions?

    i am new to the area, but Grandfalls-Royalty and Balmorhea seems to be a pretty big rivalry
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    Balmorhea vs Gorman Balmorhea wins Grandfall-Royalty vs Strawn Grandfall-Royalty wins no matter what happens the state games this year will be interesting