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    Open JH Game needed week 10

    Hill County is needing a week 10 JH game. It can be home or away. We are young and more of a B team level. text or call Jason Knight 254-266-0702
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    Just heard Bell County no showed Tribe. Bell County is independent and not apart of TAIAO
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    Hill County-11
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    Open Week 10

    Hill County Wolves is needing a week 10 game. Can be home or away! Coach Knight 2542660702 [email protected]
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    Open Hill County (Hillsboro)

    Hill County Wolves in Hillsboro have coaching openings for this upcoming season. We are in the TAIAO conference and pay a small stipend. Great opportunity for college kids to get experience while finishing their education. Contact Jason Knight 2542660702 [email protected]
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    Open JH games

    Hill County is in need of a week 1,2 or 10 JH game. Please contact Coach Knight 2542660702 [email protected]
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    Open 3 more teams needed for track meet April 8th

    Hill County is hosting the Wolfpack relays April 8th in Keene. We will have a 5/6th grade division, 7/8th grade division along with a JV and Varsity. 15$ a participant with a max of $300. So at most it would be 300$ for JH and $300 for Varsity. It is on Any question feel free to...
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    Open Teams needed for track meet April 8th

    We will have a 5/6 division 7/8 division JV and V
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    Open Teams needed for track meet April 8th

    Hill County Wolves are hosting the Wolfpack Relays April 8th in Keene. The meet is on Any questions just holler at me Jason Knight 2542660702 [email protected]
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    Baseball games needed

    Hill County is in need of games for baseball. We can travel. Please message Coach Knight 2542660702 [email protected]
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    Weatherford Express info

    I just texted it to you
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    Open Coach Roy Smith for FB HC

    Anyone looking for a new young Head football coach should consider my fellow Coach Roy Smith. I've gotten to see first-hand how prepared he is for practice and games. He earns the respect of the kids and is a player's coach. I have attached his resume in hopes someone will give him a look. Great...
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    Open Why are there so many Private school leagues

    TAIAO stands for Texas Association of Independent Athletic Organizations
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    Open When does the season start?

    TAIAO is also aligned with UIL
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    JH and V Boys and Girls Games needed

    Hill County Wolves are looking to fill open dates in mid-December and January. We can travel within reason. Please contact Coach Knight 254-266-0702 [email protected]
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    Lingleville JH Tournament-Teams needed 1/19 &1/21

    Are you still needing JH teams?