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    First Amendment

    I’m surprised and disappointed that the thread about Richland springs was shut down twice. Obviously people want to talk about it but we have become afraid of words. Ashamed of this site.
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    Six man to eleven man

    You have to win one game before you can win #2.
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    Best match ups for week 4

    Evant may just get a district title this year.
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    Best match ups for week 4

    Best matchup this week is Blum vs Evant. Blum is a 45 point favorite but I feel an upset coming, Evant in a close one.
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    Why is no one talking about Iredell?

    Jonesboro is really down this year, so Blums victory isn't that impressive. Besides under the radar can be an advantage.
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    Milford vs. Coolidge

    And most people thought Strawn would go undefeated again this year, that's why you suit up and play the game because on any given night anything is possible.
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    Week 2 picks for district 10

    I can see why you feel like they would have be contributors in the game. Hate to see any players miss a game. I think Blum and Aquila play for the district title.
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    Week 2 picks for district 10

    I don't have a dog in this fight but I'm wondering if Aquila actually had those players missing.
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    Week 2 picks for district 10

    Looks like I called the Blum Jonesboro game correctly.
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 2 -- 2018

    May 49, Cherokee 0 Final
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    Week 2 picks for district 10

    I don't think Jonesboro is 45 points better than Blum. This could be a very close game and a possibile upset in the making.
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 1 -- 2018

    May 40 Richland Springs 26 final.
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    Quick Thoughts on Districts Races that should be Exciting!

    D2 District 15 Blanket will go 10-0 and win the district. Good size, speed, and schedule strength is on their side. Brooksmith shouldn't have a problem finishing 2nd.
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    Aquilla vs Gordon

    I was referring to Gordon's inability to score against May or Jonesboro.
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    Aquilla vs Gordon

    Gordon never scored against May or Jonesboro.
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    August 23 -- which week 1 game(s) will you attend?

    May vs Richland Springs is the place to be.
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    Mr. Trump

    I don't care who Trump slept with before he became President. All I concern myself with is what he's doing to fix our country and I have no complaints so far.
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    Mr. Trump

    Topher I guess my problem with the so called Russian interference is Why did the Obama administration let it happen. They were in charge of securing and insuring our elections, so how is Russian meddling Trump's falt? How is allowing illegal Invaders to vote not interfering with the integrity of...