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    Open Calvert 2023 Schedule

    I am looking to fill our schedule for next year. All dates are open except September 21. Please contact me if you would like to schedule something. JH and High School agreement would be best. The week 2 JH game could be a scrimmage before the HS game as well. We will be young. 4 freshman 1...
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    Open Calvert is looking for Week 2

    Calvert is looking for Week 2, Thursday September 1st preferred because of Labor Day Weekend. Not a must. Please contact Coach Johnson 7063327229
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    Open Cristo Rey Jesuit Houston

    coach we could come to you this year and you think maybe you could return the favor next year
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    Open Burkville needs games week 3 HS, JH

    Burkeville ISD is looking for game weeks 3. Willing to meet at neutral site. Also willing to play Saturday. Week 3 willing to have a double header with JH. Please contact Kevin Day at or Thanks
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    Varsity Game Patton Springs Boys

    Looking for a game tomorrow. Varsity or JV will work. Our girls already have a home game so we have refs. Also willing to travel and play a JV early. Text 706.332.7229 or email
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    Patton Springs Needs Week 5 Game Friday September 25.

    Needs To be Home Game and a Friday game 706.332.7229