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    Open Matagorda ISD - Looking for JH/HS games for 2022 season

    Please contact Coach Miracle at if interested. We will be a brand new program and young. We are looking for football 6 man games both home and away. We would prefer to travel less than 3 hours. Also, I am looking for information on JH/HS volleyball games, basketball...
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    Open Taylor St. Mary's Srimmage/Games Needed

    We are starting a 6 man program at the JH/HS level in Matagorda, TX. I am the AD and might be able to fill those weeks. Let me know.
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    Open Week 5 home game needed

    We are starting a program at Matagorda ISD next year and looking to fill JH/HS games. Let me know.
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    Open Brand New 6 man team in Corpus Christi/South Texas

    I am starting a program at Matagorda ISD. We should have JH and HS. Let me know if interested.
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    Open Looking for (primarily) JV Games in South/Central Texas

    I am starting a program at Matagorda ISD in 2022. I might be able to fill your week 9 game.
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    Filled Wilco Falcons JH needs week 7 home game in north Austin area

    I am starting a program at Matagorda ISD. I can probably help you out for week 7. Let me know.
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    Open Katy-Faith West JH Games - 9/15 & 9/22

    I might be able to help you out. It is my plan to start 6 man at the JH level. We will be young and inexperienced. Tentatively schedule me. Matagorda JH. I will know more soon. 817.320.4239
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    Open 2 Coaches Needed for a New High School and Sports Program

    Matagorda ISD will add a High School program in the Fall of 2022. We are looking for 2 enthusiastic & hard working coaches to help build a culture of excellence in athletics. Coaching positions will be for the JH and HS level. Sports that will be introduced are as follows: JH (XC, Volleyball...
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    High Island Looking for games in 2022-2023

    Looking for games weeks 4, 7, and 8. Matt Miracle 817.320.4239