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    How do you Judge a Coaches Success

    I don't want to be that guy but... Coach's*
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    NYOS vs Bastrop TRIBE

    Well Coach, I guess you were right about your defense holding up to some degree. Must've been tough sledding on offense for both teams. Sound's like a hard fought game.
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    NYOS vs Bastrop TRIBE

    Now I'm severely confused. How does Plano CHANT beat a solid NYOS team? Plano hasn't beaten anyone good this year. Was it a fluke? How will they fare against a potent Stephenville team in the finals?
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    NYOS vs Bastrop TRIBE

    How are the playoffs shaping up for each division?
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    Forfeits in 2015 (after game played)

    Have any details been released regarding the ineligible players for Parkview? Were they academically ineligible or?
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    NYOS vs Bastrop TRIBE

    Anyone know the details of this game? Just trying to figure out how NYOS gets up on a highly ranked TRIBE team. Was the weather a major factor? I know these two teams have some kind of rivalry, but NYOS looked awful against Victoria last week. What happened? Coach Dee
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    How did everyone look?

    Lot's of interesting narratives unfolding. How did everyone look week one? I know THESA had a nice game against a tough opponent in Nazarene.
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    Top TAIAO 2015 Teams/Athletes

    I would think in the right system those two athletes could do some serious damage. But it does take a complete team to win ball games. Can't wait to see what will happen with all the coaching changes, but it sounds promising.
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    Top TAIAO 2015 Teams/Athletes

    Agree McMurry and Miller will both be good this year. From what I have seen of CenTex's offense it seems that it doesn't use a primary "feature" back which McMurry could probably be for them.
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    Corner back play

    I'm interested in the traditional or practical methods of playing and teaching cornerback for the 2-3-1 and 3-3 man defenses. I've watched a lot of film and seen varying success from multiple tactics. What do you use? How do you coach it?
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    TAPPS Point System

    Here's the problem, Can you imagine the confusion that would be caused if some absurd type of diligence was used? We have to generally assume that every homeschooled team is weak especially compared to the powerhouse conferences of TCAL, TCAF, and TAPPS. It is ridiculous how little respect...
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    Way too Early Top 10

    Borden County will look good this year. Really good. I'm not sure about Gordon being this year's May... Ira took a big blow to graduation it will be interesting where they end up. I like the Abbott prediction too. Abbott vs. Blum, now there's a match up
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    Top Teams 2015

    As far as TAPPS DII, Denton may be good, but it's so hard to tell with their rotating door of senior SBs each year. It seems like they don't have a substantial core of athletes from which to build. Live Oak has built a good program so they'll be good, but DII otherwise seems hit or miss each year.
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    Top TAIAO 2015 Teams/Athletes

    What about athletes? Any guys to look out for, or new athletes on the rise?
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    TAPPS football vs TCAL/TCAF football

    coachbill, I know your words were written without I'll intent. And, unfortunately, the motives you listed are far too common in the, no-so-friendly, discussion among leagues.
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    TAPPS football vs TCAL/TCAF football

    Wow, shots fired. Sounds like there's some serious contentment/jealousy going on here... Strange when you have to resort to insulting your alleged "opponent" instead of respecting his argument by responding with an intuitive one yourself...
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    6 on 6 Gridiron for publisher

    Wow what a great resource to get my hands on, I'm in.
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    Top TAIAO 2015 Teams/Athletes

    Agreed. I have always maintained that raw athleticism is the number one asset of a six man athlete.
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    Top TAIAO 2015 Teams/Athletes

    Definitely an intriguing landscape being set up with some younger organizations on the rise.