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  1. CoachLanc

    Open Bracken Christian JV Games

    Bracken Christian is needing to schedule JV games for this coming season. Below are Weeks needed. Happy to host and willing to travel within reason. Please contact me if you are interested. Week 2 Week 4 Week 6 Week 7 Week 10 Week 11 Cody Lancaster 325-518-6803
  2. CoachLanc

    Who ya got?

    Bracken will be fine this year. Take my word on that.
  3. CoachLanc

    Six man coaching clinics

    Anybody have anymore information on it? Like when it starts on the 28th? Or ends the 30th?
  4. CoachLanc

    Six man coaching clinics

    The link is up now on the website.
  5. CoachLanc

    Six man coaching clinics

    Anybody know when they're supposed to post the registration for that?
  6. CoachLanc

    Hill Country 6 on 6

    Give me a text or call Coach and let's talk!
  7. CoachLanc

    Hill Country 6 on 6

    Give me a text or call Coach and let's talk!
  8. CoachLanc

    Thoughts on Pre-Snap Motion

    Grew up playing sixman and coached it early in my career and never saw a ton of it. Spending the last 4 years at the 4A and 5A level, I've seen motion used pretty close to every other play or so with either our offense or the opponents. After getting my new job and watching a lot of film from...
  9. CoachLanc

    Field Goal Percentages

    As someone that has never personally seen a field goal in sixman with my own eyes in 10+ years of playing or coaching, I'm curious as to what people's field goal percentages are that do try them. For something worth 2/3 of a Touchdown, I'm surprised coaches haven't found more ways to implement...
  10. CoachLanc

    Filled Bracken Christian Week 3 Needed

    Bracken Christian is looking to host for Week 3. Please contact me if you're interested. Cody Lancaster 325-518-6803
  11. CoachLanc

    Open 1st Scrimmage Team Needed

    Bracken Christian is hosting a scrimmage on August 11th and we had a team drop out. Right now Bracken and Gloria Deo are both teams in it but would love to add a third. Please reach to me if interested. Cody Lancaster 325-518-6803
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    Hill Country 6 on 6

  13. CoachLanc

    Open HD Basketball /Assistant Football

    My first coaching job was at Apple Springs and I loved my time there. Had a great experience with the admin and kids worked extremely hard. Lufkin is only 15 minutes away with plenty of places to live there (at least there was 10ish years ago).
  14. CoachLanc

    Filled Bracken Christian Week 5

    Bracken Christian is looking for a Week 5 game, preferably at home. Lost a lot of seniors and will be extremely young. Call or text if interested. Cody Lancaster 325-518-6803
  15. CoachLanc

    Hill Country 6 on 6

    Bracken Christian is playing with the possibility of hosting a 6 on 6 tournament this summer for public/private schools, but we wanted to make sure the need was there before making formal plans. Please comment on this post or contact me if you would be interested. Cody Lancaster Head Football...