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    Perrin-Whitt Head Football/Possible AD

    Is Gold-Burg’s Head Coach going to Perrin-Whitt?
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    Coaching Carousel

    That’s football in Texas! It happens quite often.
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    Coaching Carousel

    You are a class act. Good luck with your new endeavor.
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    Coaching Carousel

    Coach Johnson where are you going? I saw where Wichita Christian is looking for AD/Head Football coach.
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    Practicing in the rain?

    How many teams practiced in the rain yesterday? Is it just me that still believes in preparing for all kinds of obstacles and teaching our kids to have mental toughness in all situations? What do you think?
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    What happened with St. Jo and Forestburg game last week? Bowie newspaper has reported some shady stuff going on with Forestburg’s coach. Can someone shed some light on this?
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    On the move

    Has anyone heard who is getting the Gordon job?
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    Need weeks 2,3,&6.

    Weeks 2 and 6 still available.
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    Need weeks 2,3,&6.

    Gold-Burg is in need of games for weeks 2,3&6. We are a d-1 team with school enrollment of a d-2. If interested contact
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    Weight equipment

    I have flat benches that adjust to upright positions, Olympic bars, and bench press benches for sale at $50 each. I can send pictures if needed. Contact if interested. I'm at Gold-Burg ISD.
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    Richland Springs Vs Milford

    Defense wins Championships and R.S. Is second to none.
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    Varsity FINALS ONLY -- week 6 -- 2016

    King's academy cancelled the game against Gold-Burg late Monday night. It was suppose to be Gold-Burgs homecoming.
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    Gold-Burg looking for game 9/30

    We need a last minute replacement for Homecoming Game. If interested please email We had a team cancel last night.
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    Week one comments.

    Gold-Burg Bears lead at half-time 31-30 vs Benjamin finishing the half with 5 players. The Bears playing with 5 and at times with 4 the second half to finally losing 82-52. What an effort Bears!
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    Tyler King's Academy WILL have a season- need games

    We still have week six open for you to come to us. Let me know. Gold-burg ISD
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    Need Game Week 6

    Gold-Burg ISD is now looking for week 6 after the cancellation of the season from King's Academy. Contact if interested.
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    Straight Benches and Olympic Bars for Sale

    I have 9 heavy duty straight benches and 9 olympic bars as well. Also, one bench press. The straight benches and bars going for $65 each. Bench Press for $95. You can email me at I'm located 10 miles west of Bowie at Gold-Burg ISD.
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    Need a week 3 game

    Contact Jay Johnson @ Gold-Burg ISD
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    Spring/Summer Leagues

    We are also interested for football. Gold-Burg ISD 940-872-3562 Jay Johnson