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    Examples of Teams that use the Veer

    Novice used the veer in 2008.
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    Playing in AT&T stadium

    I didn't realize that I was whining. I only asked a simple question. I only mentioned Abilene because it was there for so long, but if I remember correctly it was up to the coaches from the respective schools to choose the location, and Abilene was usually pretty close to a half-way point...
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    Playing in AT&T stadium

    Has attendance risen since moving to Arlington? It seems like more actual six-man fans would be able to travel to Abilene, but I would like to know.
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    Looking for a field for playoffs

    I tried using your calculator to determine the best choince between Merkel and Tulia and it gave all stadiums in East Texas. Think your machine is broken
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    Schools that should come to 6-man

    Here is what I've got from the schools that could have chosen to play 6 man instead of 11 man: D'Hanis (104) 3-7 (win against Runge) Crosbyton (103) 2-8 (win against New Home) Shamrock (100) 3-7 (win against Munday) Hamlin (96) 9-1 (win against New Home and Baird) Bartlett (94) 0-10 New Home...
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    Alignment proposal to the UIL

    There would only be byes in football.
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    Alignment proposal to the UIL

    I would say that, overall, this would make things less watered down, as it would reduce the number of state champions from 12 to 8. We already have plenty of teams that make the playoffs that shouldn't. By the time they get to state they have sorted themselves out and those that are there belong...
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    Alignment proposal to the UIL

    My realignment proposal to the UIL (feasibility study) For the past seven alignments I have created my own set of alignments with the idea of making things more fair for schools and resolving some of the chief complaints, those being disparity in size among the largest and smallest schools in...
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    Change the field size to legitimize players and records.

    It's more than just six man vs. eleven. The eleven man players from the smaller schools rarely get looked at by colleges looking to give scholarships either. They mostly watch the 6A and 5A schools. I know that there are exceptions, but as a general rule, that's the way it is.
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    I had mentioned that Olfen (Who plays six man in Middle school) had turned in high school enrollment numbers. I also notice that Wildorado has turned in numbers. Does anyone know if it is correct that these two schools now have high schools?
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    I noticed that Olfen turned in numbers to the UIL. Do they have a high school now?
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    6 man History

    When I coached at Novice, we had a banner hanging on the wall saying that our girls had been the basketball state champions. The date pre-dated the UIL sanctioned girls state championships. Who would know what league existed for girls before the UIL and if any records are available?
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    Six-man schools with multiple campuses

    I was just wondering how many six-man or six-man sized schools have more than one campus? I know that Knox City, Lueders-Avoca, Aspermont, and Eula do.
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    6 man History

    I saw that Elmdale had a six-man schedule, but there are no scores recorded
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    6 man History

    I also while researching this came across the following schools that weren't on your ghost conference list. Not sure how many of these were six-man though: Deport Judson Grove East Mountain Elmdale Asherton Gober Honey Island Powell Thornton Ben Hur Kosse Stuart Place Sundeen Prude Ranch Flower...
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    6 man History

    The following schools I have no record of ever playing football. Can anyone testify differently? Broaddus Brookeland Chireno Dallardsville Big Sandy Dime Box Douglass Ector Gary Groveton Centerville Hartley Henrietta Midway Huckabay Ivanhoe Rayburn Keene Smith Kennard Laneville Leggett Lipan...
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    6 man History

    I have been researching the schools who are still in operation in Texas who do not currently field football. The following schools I have records of having fielded a team in the past including the last year I have record that they played: (Although I'm not sure how many played six-man)...
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    6 man History

    Another question I have: Did PVIL sanction six-man?