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    Girls 1A State Tournament

    Why did the tournament move away from Austin?
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    River City Believers

    Its over and done with. I'm sure Coach Burnett feels terrible and wishes he could change it, but it is what it is. There is no more need to beat the dead horse. This is the physical address I was given last year for their field to play them. River City Believers Academy 16765 Lookout Road...
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    Schools Who Need to Turn In Info to Dave Campbell's Magazine

    Who can I contact to update some of the personal information for the magazine?
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    Restriction Line

    I didn't think so either, the San Antonio chapter is under the impression that you must have 3 on the restriction line. There must be something in the rule book for the confusion.
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    Restriction Line

    If someone could help point me to the location, I would greatly appreciate it. Team A is lined up to kick-off, Team B is receiving. How many players for Team B do you have to have on the restriction line?
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    DI & DII East Semi-Finals Audio Broadcasts

    I was referring to the live radio broadcast for the games last night, the play by play commentary.
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    DI & DII East Semi-Finals Audio Broadcasts

    Is there only one place to listen live? I understand this isn't there job, but I couldn't tell a difference between a penalty from a touchdown.
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    Week 10 Games That Matter - Picks

    Has anyone talked about Kopperl vs Walnut Springs??
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    Ok, that seems pretty simple. So what is the punishment if the field isn't in accordance with the rules? Everybody starts getting their shoes dirty until its meets standards?
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    UIL. Anything in the end zone, on the 40, different colored lines
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    What are the rules when it comes to painting? Any no-no's?
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    Week 5

    This week we have Cherokee @ Panther Creek Oglesby @ Kopperl Prairie Lea vs Austin Veritas JV Who wins and by how much?
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    I can't say that I ever imagined this district being 3 weeks in and no team having a win. A battle tested non-district I suppose would be the answer.
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    6 on 6 Gridiron for publisher

    I would like a copy. Pustejovskyk (at) plisd (.) net Thanks
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    Game Camera

    around $500
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    Game Camera

    I was looking to get input on a good camcorder for filming games and being able to put it on dvd for later use. Please help... thanks
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    Needed Scrimmages

    Prairie Lea needs scrimmages for Aug 16 or 17 and August 23 or 24. Please contact Kyle Pustejovsky at or 512 826 5442. Thanks