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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    D-1 May by 18 D -2 Motley County by 10
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    May vs Abbott

    Want to give a shout out to each town for coming out and supporting their team. It was loud and exciting on each side. One of the best games I have seen in a long time.
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    D-1 Westbrook by 38 May by 34 D-2 Motley County by 45 Strawn by 28
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    2021 Playoffs - Week 15 - Confirmed Info Only

    May vs Abbott Saturday 6:00 pm Dublin, Tx
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    Week 14 Broadcasts

    May - Water Valley Nfhs network for live stream
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    D1 Happy by 10 Westbrook by 16 Abbott by 40 May by 20 D2 Klondike by 8 Motley County by 45 Strawn by 45 Richland Springs by 45
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    Water Valley vs May

    Thought I would put my 2 cents worth on this game. It will be a close game but May wins no if ands or buts about it. Go Tigers
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    2021 Playoffs - Week 14 (Thanksgiving Week) - Confirmed Info Only

    This is from KOXE radio May - Water Valley 6:00 Saturday at Robert Lee. May home team
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    Water Valley vs May

    Abilene would be a good spot also, McMurray or maybe Wylie if open and affordable
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    D-1 Spur by 10 Borden County by 6 Sterling City by 45 Westbrook by 7 Saint Jo by 24 Abbott by 45 May by 26 Water Valley by 45 D-2 Follett by 6 Klondike by 4 Motley County by 38 Jayton by 35 Strawn by 41 Gordon by 32 Cherokee by 12 Richland Springs by 45
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    D-1 playoffs course

    If May - Water Valley plays it should be a heck of a game with the winner probably ending up at AT&T. That said I say May by 6
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    Valley by 12 Spur by 45 Borden County by10 Springlake Earth by 22 Garden City by 45 Sterling City by 32 Westbrook by 45 Rankin by 45 Saint Joe by 45 Blum by 20 Abbott by 45 Newcastle by 12 May by 45 Jonesboro by 45 Lometa by 34 Water Valley by 45 Follett by 45 Anton by 45 Whitharral by 18...
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    Valley by 12
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    Water Valley should be ranked #1

    It will all be settled on the field. All do the rankings do is give people something to belly ache about and puts a bullseye on the #1 team.
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    Most people are talking about May - WV with good reason but do not forget about Jonesboro. Their schedule is not as strong as the others ,but their coaching is some of the best in Texas
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    Week 7 broadcast or live stream

    May-Gorman Thursday 7:30 live stream on or koxe app.
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    Wake Up II

    Is the rules still the same as back in the earlier years where if 2 teams played within the last 5 years the visiting team will have the choose where to play in the playoffs.