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  1. nm6man

    Benjamin vs Whitharral

    I am a retired coach I am a retired football coach with one state championship to my name.(not in Texas) I was hired several times because I had girls that were beasts in volleyball and basketball. My team won its championship because we a a division 2 back. I had nothing to do with it. I do...
  2. nm6man

    Benjamin vs Whitharral

    Still haven’t 😎
  3. nm6man

    Loraine Vs Benjamin (Rematch)

    That kid from Benjamin can fly
  4. nm6man

    Whitharral vs Benjamin

    Why the delay
  5. nm6man

    Highest scores of all time.

    I saw that other score as soon as I posted that question. It is still remarkable to see scores over 100, but with the new offenses and the imporved schemes, I would guess they will be more common. 200 plus points in any contest is still a feat.
  6. nm6man

    Highest scores of all time.

    I saw that NM School for the Deaf beat San Jon, NM 103-97 on Friday. How does 200 points total match up all time?
  7. nm6man

    Montana Six Man Playoffs

    First round Friday Alberton 41, Reed Point-Rapelje 32 Saturday Savage 92, Valier 8 Hot Springs 58, Custer-Melstone 8 Big Sandy 47, Hysham 6 Fromberg-Roberts 66, Lima 28 Geraldine-Highwood 30, Richey-Lambert 6 Denton 87, Lone Peak 0 Stanford-Geyser 59, Terry 6 Quarterfinals Saturday, Nov. 5 Hot...
  8. nm6man

    Montana Six Man Playoffs

    Class C 6-Man First round Friday, Oct. 28 Reed Point-Rapelje at Alberton, 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29 Valier at Savage, 1 p.m. Custer-Melstone at Hot Springs, 1 p.m. Hysham at Big Sandy, 1 p.m. Lima at Fromberg-Roberts, 1 p.m. Geraldine-Highwood at Richey-Lambert, 1 p.m. Lone Peak at...
  9. nm6man

    Rankings are rigged

    It is fun to see this every year. I have been on this board since 2000 and every year we get this thread. I know that Granger hits above 80% correct picks by the end of the year and I am willing to bet he is above 65% right now and he picks every game.
  10. nm6man

    Going over the century mark.

    I noticed at least two more games with scores over 100 this week. What is the record for most games with games with one or both teams over 100. I don't remember more than one possibly two games with these types of scores. Granger probably has the exact number for each season.
  11. nm6man

    Flagler (CO) story in the Denver Post

    Shows the class of 6 man teams..More than a sport, a family. Coached in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Montana. Six man teams and towns are fans of their kids, but still show great respect for the other kids. Both of these school showed class and demonstrate what is right about America and...
  12. nm6man

    new book

    I saw this book on the internet...Anybody know anything about this team. Supposedly went undefeated 61 in a row and set some scoring records back in the late forty's.
  13. nm6man

    if the BCS followed rankings

    now all you have to do is bet all yours that are better than the vegas line and take the money and run. :mrgreen:
  14. nm6man

    Blum Assistant Football/ Basketball/Track

    My worst professors in College were the Education Professors. Had no time in the classroom and no idea. That being said. The best coaches are great teachers also.
  15. nm6man

    Blum Assistant Football/ Basketball/Track

    One thing to remember is coaching is teaching, If you cannot teach, you will not coach. It is not only about x's and o's. It is about teaching and motivating. Good teachers and good coaches can do that. I love to coach against the X's and O's guys, because they do not teach the fundamentals and...
  16. nm6man

    Scrimmage for Aug. 28th, 2010

    South Baca in Extreme SE Colorado is looking for a Scrimmage on August 28th. We will be low in numbers and down slightly. We can only scrimmage on this date and are willing to consider any team in the Panhandle. Thanks
  17. nm6man

    Used Football equipment

    I have several used shoulder pads in varied condition for sale. Some HS and some JH pads. I would be willing to see by piece or the whole set.
  18. nm6man

    South Baca Needs a game this week

    Due to a cancellation, we are in need of a game this week. We are willing to travel to the panhandle of Texas to get a game. Let me know soon.
  19. nm6man

    SE Colorado School Needs JH Games

    We just 70 miles north of the Texas Border. We are willing to play in the northern Panhandle. If you have have an open date between now and the end of October, call me.
  20. nm6man

    Week 6 open date

    kit carson had only 7 player with 4 freshman