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    Robert Lee "cutting sports"?

    Those places have different cost of living. A dollar does not buy as much there as it does in Texas. I agree, there is a point where more money doesnt solve anything. There is also a point where not enough money is a hinderance to education. Agreeing on what is enough, that is tricky. Tax...
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    Robert Lee "cutting sports"?

    Just read the article. Robert Lee is not cutting anything. Its also a pretty good article and Mr. Hood understands things from a pretty common sense thought process. I agree. I do not know anyone opposed to school choice. Taking tax dollars collected as school taxes and sending them to...
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    Robert Lee "cutting sports"?

    Doubt its going to be golf, I would have to look to be sure but I think their girls have won 2 or 3 state titles in a row. Another perspective, if 1A schools are wasting money on kids that are not good, then 6A schools can say that about pretty much everything we do.
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Lorenzo) I hope the link works. I watched some of the hearings during lunch. Two thoughts. The article is doing a good job of trying to cover details...
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    Thoughts on this?

    My thought is this is a pretty good example of why there is a teacher shortage.
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    Happy new year, let’s discuss

    Good character and morality. I don't need to always agree with their perspective but we all know some things are wrong. I like a coach who can turn into a normal human and make a mistake but then can turn around and say that was a mistake and I shouldn't have done it. It sets me side ways...
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    Hahaha Do you write the scripts for Benjamin press conferences? No need to answer. Yes, I know this is not Coach Rigdon, he uses his own name. He is honest about who is, take it or leave it. I do respect that part of him. There is one player that was essential athletically or Benjamin...
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    The Rematch Benjamin vs. Loraine DII State Championship

    Havent watched it, but here is the link
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    Coaches with most Championships Appearances?

    Not arguing, just getting it right. Looking now That is correct so looks like 10 appearances for burkhart.
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    Testing the Toy

    Cool, thank you.
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    Coaches with most Championships Appearances?

    Richland Springs has been in the state final 10 times. Doyle Clawson was there the first time when that place started taking off. So seems like burkhart has 9 appearances. I bet that’s most. Most impressive is debatable but Vance Jones at 8 because of the number of different communities he’s...
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    Testing the Toy

    Would you explain what you mean by “overload or underload the numbers the Toy crunches?” As I understand, the toy only works on point differential with a range of 1-45 in whole numbers. I’m just nerdy and like to understand more if I’m missing something.
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    Happy vs Westbrook

    The Toy was super close on spreads for today.
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    Angelo State QB from High Island!

    Heck yeah baby! I might be able to make this next game. Thank you for the update.
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    Rankin vs WB

    Coach Jones. We don’t know each other, but I just gained a lot of respect for you. Not many coaches would be willing to speak some truth from a point of actual professional experience because these responses could almost be quoted before they are written. When we look around the 6 man...
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    Nobody wants to talk about it???

    Many things being said here are accurate. I would also like to mention Benjamin had a team to be proud of with juniors last year. I suspect those young men are still the foundation of this team both in leadership and in performance on the field. It’s a very good team.
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    Thanksgiving Truths in D1

    And while we are talking about playing the small schools against the larger ones, why don’t we just have all the classifications 1A-6A play each other too. This argument always cracks me up.
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    Angelo State QB from High Island!

    Correct it takes 3 wins not 2. 11/6, 12/03, 12/10, championship 12/17
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    Angelo State QB from High Island!

    Here’s the Div II playoff bracket. With ASU hosting, many Central West Texas people could make the games. Looks like 3 wins will put ASU and Zach in the National Championship scheduled at McKinney HS in Texas.
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    Angelo State QB from High Island!

    Thank you Coach Bronk!