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  1. SFA

    lots of talk for fresh new mediocre record

    As Bart Scott said, CAN’T WAIT! I can’t wait to see what ole chief wahoo and his other yahoos on here have to say bout this! That’s a good ole fashion arse kicking right there! I mean damn, did your Indians even show up? Lot of talk to get 45ed there buddy. You gonna need more than a dime bag...
  2. SFA

    lots of talk for fresh new mediocre record

    Talking bout intellect, huh? Ole chief wahoo ain’t no six man guy if he don’t who the great Chad McGhee is. Somebody just cancel his account on here and all his buddies that created an account on here in the last 24 hours.
  3. SFA

    lots of talk for fresh new mediocre record

    GoIndiansGo, Clowns? Really? You the clown that joined today just to chime in. I am counting the Indians out. You and your buddy Chief Wahoo need to get out of the spray paint can aisle at Wal Mart. Union Hill will 45 Campbell there is no doubt about that. Tell your coach congrats on his...
  4. SFA

    lots of talk for fresh new mediocre record

    GT back in the house! We need to get Walter and Sweet T together and smoke on this pipe this cat is huffing and puffing on. Sounds like it takes you beyond reality and makes ya delusional. Toughest schedule? Congrats on beating Fruitvale, Trinidad and Savoy. Those are some perineal powerhouses...
  5. SFA

    lots of talk for fresh new mediocre record

    Ain’t none of y’all ever gonna win a district championship as long as Union Hill is in the district. The chance of another school winning that district is about as good as Sweet T going straight and liking the hot honey squirrels around here. Better hope for a miracle to happen at the next...
  6. SFA

    Open Union Hill needs last minute JH game this week

    Sweet tea and Walter can round up some their buddies to play. You need to supply the balls cause he don’t have none. Stay prickly!
  7. SFA

    Wake up

    Well Farm Credit Services of America getting his butt hole all puckered up over an old man that lives in an oldfolks home. oldfolks can talk trash to anyone he wants to including your momma. He has earned that right just like sweet t earned his right to be a flamboyant meercat. Sweet T aint...
  8. SFA

    Who's going State?

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Our dial up 5G is running like a cheetah this morning, I think its because Biden was elected President. By him being elected, we got a free upgrade to this cheetah level for our dial up! Me and Sweet T cant wait to see what we get free from the govt. here on...
  9. SFA

    Who's going State?

    Long time no see fellas! Just scrolling through the old message board and came across this post. Sweet T thought he would put his 1 cents in on this post. Sweet is still saying that no one in the state will take down them Rankin Red Devils. He think Game Travelers new pet Walter has a better...
  10. SFA

    Saint Jo @ Union Hill

    Sorry I am just getting back to ya GT! Sweet T got 2 out the 3 right! I was delayed on posting because we lost our 5G dialup some time this past weekend. We think our next door neighbors iguana, Iggy, came over to visit Sweet T while we were gone this weekend. We think Iggy's tail ripped the...
  11. SFA

    Saint Jo @ Union Hill

    GT, thanks for the thoughts and prayers for Teabags. He is doing great today after his surgery. The local shaman did such a good job with the surgery we now call him Sweet T. I watched the surgery and even though I have never seen a guillotine used for that kind of surgery, it worked great...
  12. SFA

    Saint Jo @ Union Hill

    Well GT I think you done pinned the tail on that there Panther with that pick! Neither one of these teams have played a tough schedule, they should be undefeated. St. Jo will knock Union Hill at the hill tomorrow night. I cant travel that far cause Teabags has come down testicular cancer so I...
  13. SFA

    Granger's Toy Works How?

    GT back in the house! Good to be back fellas after my move and speedys death. Thanks for the condolences for speedy, he was a good turtle. Speedy got caught up with the Mutant Ninja Turtle cartel. Word is he was smuggling pizzas through the sewer pipes to Mexico. He was eating the pizzas on his...
  14. SFA

    Oakwood vs union hill

    Me and speedy ( and yes I caught speedy on Thursday after 3 weeks or chasing him, he was hanging out down by the river with the stud turtle, rocket, who had been run over by a moped while trying to cross the sidewalk here at the RV park , crazy stuff I know) were shocked by this score too, glad...
  15. SFA

    Calvert vs oakwood

    I heard they had "Key" injury early in the game. Now back to chasing Speedy. We have yet to catch him since he escaped the new 1982 RV a few weeks ago.
  16. SFA

    Week 3 Predictions? Upsets?

    GT in the house! Let me go ahead and tell you that weeks games are weak. There aint gonna be any upsets. Oakwood aint gonna hang with Milford. Cant nobody stop Milford year. Avalon is a far better team than Union Hill. Avalon will beat Union by 30 or more. Union hill has played a patty cake...
  17. SFA

    Coaching Carousel

    Anybody know anything about Union Hill?Heard the whole football coaching staff left over there.
  18. SFA

    2018 All-star Game

    Why is this game being played in the south again this year? Should be in the north.
  19. SFA

    Dallas Tyler Street

    How is that Dallas Tyler Street pick going for ya Vincent?
  20. SFA

    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 5 -- 2018

    Dallas Tyler Street 46 Dallas Fairhill 0