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    Onside kick attempt blocking

    Cavman1, I'll respectfully disagree with you. A member of Team B does not lose his protection by crossing the restraining line after the ball has been kicked. If the ball has only travelled 11 yards so far and a member of Team B advances to try to recover it and is blocked from doing so by a...
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    Onside kick attempt blocking

    There is no change to that rule for six-man football in general or TAPPS specifically. Your interpretation is also correct.
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    Loraine vs Richland Springs

    Mertzon, Texas Irion County
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    Kick off recv mechanics - time to set up?

    In short, no. Rule 6-1-a states, in part, that "The referee will declare the ball ready for play when the officials are in position after the kicker has received the ball." There is no provision for extra time for the receiving team to get in position, or even to get a full team of players on...
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    Clock managment question

    Assuming the first down is gained inbounds with no other administrative stoppages, the game clock stops on the official's signal at the end of the play. The game clock will start back up again on the Referee's signal (winding the clock) once the ball is spotted again for play. The chains...
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    Cut Blocks

    10-4, just wanted to clarify. Thanks for responding!
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    Cut Blocks

    For the first one you mentioned, where on the defender's body was the force of the block? The front (10-2 on the clock of his area of concentration) or from the side?
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    Cut Blocks

    For those of you following back up -- that rule has been completely rewritten for 2022. Not going to go into all the details here unless there is a desire for it.
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    Defensive Holding TX rule

    The rules mentioned above was approved and will be part of Texas 6-man football this season.
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    Referee shortage

    If you haven't yet, get in contact with your local TASO (Texas Association of Sports Officials) chapter. The Secretary is the assigning officer, so that's the individual with whom you'll need to communicate.
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    Crowded football question

    JasonTX is right that he can legally serve as the snapper. What he can't do, however, is go downfield on a play where there is a forward pass that crosses the neutral zone. He isn't illegal to serve as an interior lineman, but he is ineligible as a receiver.
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    Dead ball penalty

    Should NOT have been 1st and 30. Until the referee blows the ready for the next play, we're still in transition between possession and it should be a 15-yard penalty but still 1st and 15. Ran into a similar situation a few weeks ago where a receiver dropped a pass on 4th down and then the...
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    Horse Collar

    You're right that the interpretation of this rule is something that varies too much, far more than it should from official to official, crew to crew, and chapter to chapter. This is purely a safety rule -- a horse-collar tackle is an action very likely to cause serious injury to the ball carrier...
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    Cut Block

    Point of clarification on "it also doesn't allow running backs, to tun outside the box, and then come back in to cut." Once the ball crosses the neutral zone, there is no prohibition on a player cutting "back toward the original position of the ball" or "inside" or anything like that as long as...
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    Horse Collar

    Here's the exact wording of the rule from 9-1-15: Horse Collar Tackle ARTICLE 15. All players are prohibited from grabbing the inside back collar of the shoulder pads or jersey, or the inside collar of the side of the shoulder pads or jersey, and immediately pulling the ball carrier down. This...
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    Cut Block

    Old thread, but worth revisiting this issue as the rule has changed yet again. The "low blocking zone" has been thrown out, everything now referencing the tackle box. Here's the skinny: Lineman inside the tacklebox at the snap, as well as stationary backs at least partially in the tackle box at...
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    Questions for coaches

    HUDL has been a great resource for our chapter as well, but we aren't getting any video from the six-man schools. I know there are a few six-man schools who have the program, but the fact of the matter is that it is pretty expensive and the schools have many more important things to spend their...
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    after the center touches the ball

    I've seen a lot of that in the last few years in the six-man ranks -- coaches who have taught their kids to slap at the ball or otherwise try to disrupt the snap when they think that the center has done something illegal. As fencewire stated, however, any illegal action by the center regarding...
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    Tips on Keeping Stats for 6 man football

    Josh, The terminology is largely the same, you just have to adjust for some of the things that otherwise may come naturally to your tongue when it comes to 11-man football, such as saying "1st and 15" rather than "1st and 10." Learning the actual names of the 6-man formations, such as the...
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    On side kick question

    No flags on a varsity coach here, either, only a few in youth league. Any time that I've had an assistant starting to get out of hand in a varsity game, I just calmly tell the head coach the following. "Coach, your assistant is about to cost you fifteen if he keeps it up." Speaking of young...