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    Follett,38,Paducah,29 F
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    Via Claude 77 Lefors 32 Final Wildorado 46 Patton Springs 0 Final
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    Follett,52,Nueces Canyon,8 @Paducah
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    Congratulations Blum

    It’s always good to see a team make the trip for the first time. Congratulations to all the Bobcats and their supporters! Good luck in Arlington!
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    Can we finally admit....

    No problem. I didn’t realize Darrouzett was trying to build it back up again. I know they had one a few years ago and then they lost it again but then I saw they had JH again this year. I would imagine when Higgins closes Follett, Darrouzett and probably Shattuck, OK will get the majority with...
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    Can we finally admit....

    Here’s my two cents...two divisions have both pluses and minuses for obvious reasons, (money, travel, school size etc.) I know there are schools that prefer one division just like there are those that prefer two but at the end of the day the UIL has the final say (hey that rhymed) and they’ll...
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    Played tonight in Follett Happy,45,Follett,0 F/3rd
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    TaRon and Crockett

    I could definitely see him playing slot.
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    Requirements to play sixman and DI, DII requirements.

    What year did Jayton win a state title?
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    The debate is over

    That, unfortunately, is one of the drawbacks to running the spread because if something does go wrong you're at least 10 yards behind the line. An offensive scheme switch might have done them better and with as elusive as Smith was all game it could have made a difference but we'll never know.
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    Strawn Goes Back to Back

    Coach Lee showed a lot of class yesterday in that game. He could have very easily ran that up and made it way worse. Strawn was dominant and especially on defense, it's rare for a performance like that in a six man game. Congrats again to the Greyhounds on a great season.
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    McClean, Milford and Instant Replayi

    Is this the first year for replay at the state finals?
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    Congrats to Strawn and McLean!

    Congrats to the Greyhounds and Tigers! These two teams were definitely the best teams today and played great games! To Milford and Follett congratulations on great seasons and good luck to all teams next season!
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    Playing in AT&T stadium

    I’m sorry but if you asked me when I was younger if I had the choice to play at Jerry World (or back then Texas Stadium) or at Shotwell or Lubbock or anywhere else I’d pick Jerry World every single time. Playing in a stadium like that, if for no other reason, makes you feel like you accomplished...
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    Strawn vs. Follett

    I think this game will go one of two ways. 1. Follett succeeds with their game plan and grinds this thing down and keeps it close. 2. Strawn's defense stalls Follett's offense and forces them out of their plans and runs it up. I do feel at the end of the day defense will win this...
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    Strawn vs. Follett

    He was an assistant on several Six-Man staffs previously including a previous stint in Follett. This is his first football coaching job as a head coach but he took over a program in good shape and it’s pretty apparent that the kids bought into it.
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    Mclean vs Milford

    McLean 65 Milford 35
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    UIL State Exec Committee to Meet on Rankin

    I wonder how this went....
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    Milford v McLean for the gold ball

    McLean 65 Milford 35
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    Milford v McLean for the gold ball

    wow...dare I say BOLD prediction?