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    Who will shock the world

    No, nothing about your post came across as bashing officials, but you mentioned preparation and I wanted to say a few things about how I, and 99% of the officials I know, did it. Going in, I knew it was going to be a difficult task, but in retrospect, I had no idea how challenging and time...
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    Who will shock the world

    Some good points Wildcat, but as a former official I can say that most spend hours each week reviewing rules, studying mechanics, and when film is available, studying that too. Most have real jobs and families too. Then they show up and do their best on Friday nights as part of a crew often...
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    I'm having this debate

    Iredell is a real beauty. The water from the Bosque River helps them keep the field in top shape, and the catfish at the Iredell Cafe is a great pregame meal. I'd also add my personal favorite, Cranfills Gap, while you're in the area, and Walnut Springs, for a great Sixman experience.
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    Six Man, Texas film

    Best 99 cents I've spent in a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed that film.
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    Coach Eduardo Gallegos of Jonesboro has to be one of the most underrated in the state.
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    I know they missed him. Live Oak was also playing without a key player as are many teams this late in the season.
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    It was a very good game between a couple of talented teams. Those missed PATs really hurt Faith. I officiated a Live Oak scrimmage and one of their district games and knew they'd be tough to beat, but was surprised that Faith was just as talented.
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    Milford and Coolidge

    I don't follow either program very closely, but Coolidge had to cancel their game at Oglesby (due to covid I'm guessing).
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    Early discussion on D1 Rankings

    I think Jonesboro belongs in the conversation. They're graduating a couple key players, but are well coached and have several players returning from a deep playoff run.
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    Jonesboro !!!

    Congratulations to the Eagles! I'm always surprised by the spreads posted on this and other sites which often have them as underdogs. I've seen them play several times since I started following Sixman a few years ago and am always impressed by their level of preparation. Coach Gallegos and his...
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    Congrats to Mount Calm

    I've been out of pocket for a while and now in the process of catching up. This is very welcome news! Congratulations and best wishes to your wonderful community!
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    week 2

    He's got good speed and broke away for a long TD, but Jonesboro spread the ball around a lot against Blum. I'm not a stats guy, but I also believe the Eagles had fewer turn overs, and as evidenced by holding the Bobcats to 6 points, played solid defense all night.
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    week 2

    "What's going on in Jonesboro?" about a nice mix of talent, tradition and excellent coaching. Blum was nicked up a bit, but Jonesboro played solid defense all night and made enough plays on offense to improve to 2-0.
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    The Fire

    It's emotionally difficult to read as you know the ending early on, but it sure puts things in perspective. I'm retired now, but remember coming home some days thinking I'd really had a bad day at work, when I actually didn't know what a bad day at work was. I'll be in Arlington for the games...
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    6 Man players to play in college and/or pros

    Jack Pardee is one who had a bit of success at many levels.
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    Leakey and New Home in Texas Monthly

    Good article, and especially for a new 6 man fan.
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    Zephyr Vs. Jonesboro

    I know he returned at least 2 kick offs in the second half.
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    Zephyr Vs. Jonesboro

    I was there 51eleven and your summary is spot on. Both teams played defense too. There were some stops and a few punts, but obviously with so many points, there were many more long plays for TD's. These are always fun for me to watch, but what I'm going to remember for a long time about this...
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    Zephyr Vs. Jonesboro

    I'll be the first to say how wrong I was about this game and eat a little crow. I expected Zephyr to be going home with a win after 2 quarters, but Jonesboro had a very different idea. This was a great game to watch and reminded me of Ali & Frazier's fight in Manila with 2 good teams who...
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    Be a Part of Texas Football History

    Thanks for your response FCSA! I appreciate the information.