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    Gordon had a load. They will make a run as soon as next year. Coach Reed’s son is a stud as a freshman.
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    Lanham Briley

    He is really good, more of an 11 man type of quarterback. Got the ball out quick and was accurate with the deep ball. Best quarterback we played at Baird the two years we played.
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    Mitchell county

    Knox city and Benjamin in Knox county. Maybe Munday as well one of these days…
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    Thanksgiving Truths in D1

    Benjamin 48-0 at half, guess some are still cruising.
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    Anton coach passed away

    Prayers for the family and community during this difficult time!!
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    Possible issues with Richland Springs FB Team

    Why is this an issue? I don’t get it…
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    Possible issues with Richland Springs FB Team

    He is at Baird, his mother is a principal there. Don’t know about injuries…
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    Week 11 Top Games

    Almost always goes with point differential which makes sixmanfan2007 scenarios very unlikely, but possible.
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    lots of talk for fresh new mediocre record

    I wonder if they are all St. Jo fans trying to fire their kids up? The rest of this bragging makes no sense. Comparative scores are always the best way to pick. Yes, some games you are missing kids and so on, but Campbell has been beat by less than average teams all year. Running your mouth at...
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    San Angelo Times article: Burkhart suing everybody

    You gotta watch who you give blessings to, that is illegal too. Superintendent won’t even acknowledge your existence, that should tell you it’s a slippery slope.
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    Prayers for Mike and Family

    Prayers for Mike and his family!!
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    Didn’t Rodgers say the kid was average? Why sell him as average if he has that kind of “athletic prowess”?
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Strawn)

    It was not checked on the PAPF from Brookesmith and they moved into the district. Nothing you can do at that point. It’s up to the school the athlete is leaving to provide the student was moving for athletic purposes. Brookesmith did not...
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    New State Records

    They also have 475 students K-12, I don’t know of any uil teams that have that many. I’m not sure if there is a limit on enrollment in private schools in order to play six man or what that is, but that is Small 2 A in uil.
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    Spreads Week 9

    I was at a game where a team was down 96-8 at half. The other team had 11 players. No sense in dragging that out. JV is the way to go in my opinion.
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    Record broke

    That’s amazing!! Congrats to that young man!!
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    Give credit where it's due.

    Thanks Mike!!
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    Water Valley vs Westbrook

    This will be a hard nosed game for sure. I’ll take WV by 8.
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    Surprise scores or outcomes????

    Gordon has their three best players out, so that helps explain that one.
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    A transfer does not live in the district. Employees of the district will almost always be granted a residency waiver. In small schools, coaches with kids who can help are sometimes prioritized over their actual coaching ability. Nothing illegal about it.