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  1. Postman

    Top teams D1 and D2 2023

    There was only one kid that description fits.
  2. Postman

    New turf

    If you have plenty of water like Loraine has, it may be better to go with real grass. Easier to re-seed than to replace every 10 years. Looks good until frost.
  3. Postman

    Bill to prohibit UIL from penalizing athletic transfer kids

    It's a no for me. To much of this already going on. We have schools that have over half their students coming from other school districts as it is.
  4. Postman

    Thoughts on this?

    Five mile run, Five dozen gassers, and Five licks with a ground down 2x4 with holes drilled in it would have been more in line in my day if it wasn't anything too serious.
  5. Postman

    State championship future

    Setting in the suite on the 45 yard line watching state playoff games and visiting with friends is priceless.
  6. Postman

    Ways to Watch the Finals?

    I have been watching since last night. You do NOT have to have a cable or satellite provider. Only Internet. It is available for any zip code. Make sure you check the southwest region.
  7. Postman

    Ways to Watch the Finals?

    Bally Sports app is $19.99 for a month. It will replay all games 2 or 3 times if you miss any. Not a bad deal. Download the app on your smart TV and follow the instructions.
  8. Postman

    Ways to Watch the Finals?

    They told me it's a 5 day free trial for Direct TV stream. Start Wednesday and call and cancel Sunday.
  9. Postman


    They may have real smoke pouring out their Tunnel !
  10. Postman

    Loraine Vs Benjamin (Rematch)

    Just curious, have you seen Loraine play this year? Some of the fastest guys in six man.
  11. Postman


    I got Westbrook by 28+ Also Loraine by 20+
  12. Postman

    Testing the Toy

    Those are some tuff schedules.
  13. Postman

    Testing the Toy

    Westbrook has played 4 top 10 and will play #2 Abbott in the championship.
  14. Postman

    Testing the Toy

    Loraine has played 5 of the top 10 teams and plays #1 again in the Championship game. Lost first game to #1 61-30
  15. Postman

    Testing the Toy

  16. Postman

    Testing the Toy

    Rankings Divisions combined and Division II.
  17. Postman

    Semi finals Loraine vs Oakwood

    Zack Nickerson is probably hands down the toughest running back in six man football. He had some really good runs. He also is probably pretty sore this morning because he took a pretty good pounding from the Bulldogs, but he can sure give the pounding back at times. Congrats to the Oakwood team...
  18. Postman

    Who do y'all have? Oakwood vs Bluff Dale

    Congrats to Oakwood. They were a really good team. Nickerson is a beast!!!. Who said they can only run the ball? Wrong!
  19. Postman

    Who will shock the world

    You must be drunk today.
  20. Postman

    Who will shock the world

    Well that hasn't aged very well.