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  1. PopeBurford

    Throckmorton vs. Dallas Covenant - Date/Time/Location Update

    Wowsers... sounds like I did leave too early. Did Throck leave its 1st string in for the second half? They totally dominated the 1st half. DC must come out smoking.
  2. PopeBurford


    Sorry HK, thats a fail. You didn't warn them not to walk down the middle of the road (or not to stop andtake a nap when the reached the railroad tracks)
  3. PopeBurford

    6 man History

    Forsan... I believe this to be the 1940 roundballers. (Dad is front and center). I believe my uncle was on the '38 and '39 6 man and my dad the '40 and '42 team. 43 he was off making the world safe for democracy. Have a couple of pictures somewhere of those leather helmets just can't seem to...
  4. PopeBurford

    Prayers for Cowboy's family

    In our thoughts and prayers, let me know if I can be of any help.
  5. PopeBurford

    Faces with the names

    Sounds like you all had a most excellent outing and enjoyed some great football to boot. Guess I should have made the effort but elected to catch it on the web-feed.
  6. PopeBurford

    Bobcat boosters

    make sure the CS knows I expect the frito pie to be up to hi standards.... without the supervision of the dept. of war I think I'll sneak a try
  7. PopeBurford

    Rioting reported in Green Bay ....

    all those different factions going at it it.... and when the kurds whey in... ooops sorry
  8. PopeBurford

    iPhone App -- update

    Ahh the old 1401... 12k of magnets... a printer, 2 tapes and 4 pancakes pretty much displaced all the oxygen in our 20 x 30 ft room. Now when the 360 or uni 1100 came out now that was hi tech... now wiring those boards to collate or sort... now thats entertainment everyone should have the...
  9. PopeBurford

    Bobcat boosters

    Inclined to take you up on the offer. I'll give you a call this Pm
  10. PopeBurford

    Biggest Upset Ever?

    Lets see.. they 45’d Aquilla.. played Abbott (I consider a top 10 DI team) to a 6 point loss… a big upset… no but a pleasant surprise… yes.
  11. PopeBurford

    Bobcat boosters

    get that frito pie up to snuff and I'll come see them bobcats scuff up an opponent
  12. PopeBurford

    Fajitapete's Rankings after week1

    #8,,,, that'l get a goob or two stirred up
  13. PopeBurford

    Coach Grimes thread

    Just as I suspected.... were dealing with a cartoon character!
  14. PopeBurford

    Frito Pie & Texas Football -- SA Express News

    yep... but only when the dept of war aint watching.
  15. PopeBurford

    Frito Pie & Texas Football -- SA Express News

    With My dietary restrictions I would need to frequent a c-stand that followed the recipe of….. corn chips (baked not fried) chili (turkey but tofu preferred) cheese (100% fat free) organic onions and jalapenos. Temperature would make no diff as my experience has been that the 100% fat free...
  16. PopeBurford


    Wheres that like button... oh wait... this aint mugbook.
  17. PopeBurford

    Coach Grimes thread

    Nicely put Sissy.. in the meantime I need you to disclose any contributions to an individual/group/orginization or cause so I can substantiate if you're truly a friend or not. (only those transactions for the last 60 monthsare necessary)
  18. PopeBurford

    Coach Grimes thread

    Well... apparently what anyone on this board might/or might not do is none ya dam bidness. Sharing every aspect of my life with you just aint happening.
  19. PopeBurford

    Coach Grimes thread

    and just how exactly do you know that no one has stepped up and offered finacial support?