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  1. Happy51

    2022 All State selections?

    Anyone know when All State teams /players will be selected?
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    I completely agree.
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    Just curious but I wanna know from someone who’s seen their games and interacted with or spoken to some of the guys or coaches from Westbrook, who was their toughest game this past year, I know who I believe it was, but who do y’all feel it was?
  4. Happy51


    Westbrooks defense put on a clinic again! Hats off to Westbrook on back to back championships!!!
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    Not that I heard of
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    I believe in the old statement “Defense wins Championships”, that being said, I feel Westbrook has the edge there. Westbrook gets a key stop in the last 2 minutes to take it 54-50 Congratulations and good luck to both teams, looking forward to a great game!
  7. Happy51

    IC vs Abbott

    High scoring game! Hats off to both teams but did they just agree not to play defense tonight or are their offensive games just that good?
  8. Happy51

    Is it just me?

    Yeah it sucks to pay for something and it not work!
  9. Happy51

    Benjamin vs Whitharral

    I don’t know much about Benjamin but I do know that Whitharral beat Nazareth and I can promise you that was not an easy thing to do this year. Nazareth took Happy the distance twice this year and that also was not an easy thing to do. So I’m hoping and thinking that Whitharral will make i game...
  10. Happy51

    Happy vs Westbrook

    Well as our season came to an end tonight I have to say I’m super proud of this Cowboys team, we came up just a bit short on the scoreboard but the amount of heart I saw out there tonight says they are all winners! Great kids on both sides! Westbrook, y’all’s Wildcat’s are the real deal! Very...
  11. Happy51

    Happy vs Westbrook

    Halftime at one hell of a game!!!
  12. Happy51

    Happy vs Westbrook

    With all do respect I don’t believe that’s what anyone has meant and yes I will agree it should be a given that every team should be better now than at the beginning of the season ,it’s being said because some are making it seem that it’s just a given that Westbrook is just gonna plow right...
  13. Happy51

    Happy vs Westbrook

    Nothing but motivation! Almost glad it happened because it lit their fire 🔥!
  14. Happy51

    Happy vs Westbrook

    They have been rolling since that first game and have only gotten better! I feel like they are gonna win and turn some heads doing it!
  15. Happy51

    Happy vs Westbrook

    Happy is healthy and definitely firing on all cylinders, they have a phenomenal coach,and more importantly they are the most team oriented kids I’ve ever seen, I believe that close bond they have will make all the difference! Happy by a touchdown!!!
  16. Happy51

    2022 All 6man Team Division 1 & Division 2

    Division 1 Coach: Stacy Perriman Happy OFFENSE Center-Devin Burris Jr happy End/Middle Guard-Quay Hodges Jr Happy End/Tight End-Kyton Johnson Sr Happy Quarterback-Camden Sperry Sr Happy Spreadback-Tryce Johnson Sr Happy Fullback-Cutter Hodges Jr Happy Tailback-Joey Blackmon Jr Happy DEFENSE...
  17. Happy51

    Waaaaay too early ‘23 state picks

    Happy vs Jonesboro Happy is graduating 4 seniors but got plenty to reload with from an undefeated JV team! Go Cowboys!!!
  18. Happy51

    2022 Playoffs - Week 15 - Confirmed Info Only

    Happy vs Westbrook Friday December 2 In Slayton at 6:00pm
  19. Happy51

    Thanksgiving Truths in D1

    Wish I could be at that game, I feel like the Wildcats gonna get the W tomorrow but to answer your question, bring em on! Happy isn’t the same team that Westbrook took on in Jayton! To be the best you gotta beat the best and our boys know it they’re up to the challenge if that’s the way the...
  20. Happy51

    Best team to never win state?

    Happy has a few teams I’m thinking could be in this conversation but in particular 2007 I believe they lost a shootout to a phenomenal Rule team in the area round on a very cold night at Lowery Field in Lubbock.