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  1. Coach Popham

    O'Brien Veer

  2. Coach Popham

    O'Brien Veer

    Strawn ran this some in the 90's out of an unbalanced line and a line with a split receiver. A film from the '97 area round shows it some, although the quality of the video isn't as good as what you would see today.
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    2022 Playoffs - Week 13 - Confirmed Info Only

    Loraine v. Richland Springs has been moved to Irion County. Friday Nov. 18th at 7:00pm.
  4. Coach Popham

    Loraine JV Girls Open Dates 2022-2023

    Still looking to fill the following dates for Loraine JV Girls: December: 9th January: 10th, 27th, 31st If interested please contact Coach Kerr at Thanks again!
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    Team Logos

    Loraine Black/Gold
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    Loraine Basketball Open Dates

  7. Coach Popham

    Loraine Basketball Open Dates

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    Loraine looking for a week 2

    filled thanks
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    Loraine looking for a week 2

    Contact Coach Popham: (254) 495-0816
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    Loraine needs a Week 6

    We need a week 6 or week 8 for the next two years. Call or text Jake Popham 254-495-0816
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    Loraine basketball Open dates - 2022-23

    Loraine is looking to fill open dates for basketball in the 2022-23 season. Looking for a tournament Dec. 1-3. Girls Only Nov. 5 Nov. 8 Nov. 12 Nov. 15 Nov. 19 Nov. 29 Girls/Boys Dec. 6 Dec. 16 Contact: Jake Popham (254) 495-0816
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    Open Loraine ISD Coaching Positions:

    Loraine ISD is seeking to fill coaching positions for both men's and women's sports. Coaching Duties will be determined based on experience, open positions include: Head XC, Head & Asst. Girls Basketball, Head or Asst. Track Teaching Fields: HS Math Compensation: Competitive Coaching Stipends...
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    Loraine is looking for a Week 3 2022-23 Season

    Loraine needs a week 3 game for the next two years. Contact: Jake Popham (254)495-0816