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    Dedicated team broadcasts

    Baird Bears Ranger Bulldogs
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    Open How many schools have JV teams

    Baird has had it's JV for 2 years now.
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    Week 9 broadcast or live streams

    Gorman Vs. Baird 5:30PM will be on this Friday
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    District standings

    Division 1 District 9 Gordon 7-0 (2-0) +106 Next: Vs. Lingleville Baird 4-3 (1-1) +24 Next: Vs. Gorman Gorman 5-2 (1-1) -10 Next: AT Baird Perrin-Whitt 3-4 (1-1) -12 Next: Vs. Bryson Bryson 3-4 (1-1) -56 Next: AT Perrin-Whitt Lingleville 4-3 (0-2) -52 Next: AT Gordon
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    Meadow Broncos

    This team is gonna be good this season. Made the 3 hour drive to call Baird @ Meadow and was impressed with how Meadow played. Baird wasn't to bad but we're very young this season. Really surprised no one is talking more about Meadow. Very curious to see how they match up with Borden County...
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    Open Bryson Broadcaster Needed

    [This is not a post about a coaching position. Apologies if this is the wrong TYPE of thread for this post.] is looking for a play-by-play broadcaster for the 2022 Bryson Cowboys football season! If you're interested call the KATX/KWBY station office at (254) 629-2621 and ask for...
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    Week One Broadcasts/Streaming

    I believe Texas1Afan does a lot of the Grid iron classic broadcasts. I'm not sure this year but I hope you find a way to listen!
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    Radio/Broadcast Links 2022 Football Season

    With Friday Night Lights coming back this week I thought I would post a new thread for any broadcast and radio links that will be covering Six-Man football! I'll start with Texas1Afan Baird Feed Ranger Feed Please share more radio and broadcast...
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    Baird Bears

    *** SCHEDULE CHANGE *** Week 4 will be Baird @ Veribest September 16th Friday 7:30PM ** TIME CHANGE ** Week 6 VS. Panhandle Christian has been to changed to 7:30PM
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    What a year for the District! Extremely competitive finish! Good luck to May and Gorman in the 1st round!
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    Snapshot #

    I think that would be a great fit! Lingleville for sure but I wonder if they'll go with Baird, May, Santa Anna, and add another if Lingleville departs. Also makes me wonder not only Ranger coming in but also Menard and where they'll be put. I wouldn't mind Baird in that type of east District...
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    Snapshot #

    If Gordon goes up that makes me wonder if they'll put Gordon, Gorman, and Ranger all in the same District. This realignment will be interesting!
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    Santa Anna @ Baird | Texas High School Six-Man Football | Week 7

    You know, I'm not sure. It's my first year as the Baird broadcaster and I asked some of the players for a halftime segment and none of them knew. They just know it's traditional! I'll be asking the staff Thursday so I'll get back to you on that once I find out myself! It's a pretty neat tradition!
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    New State Records

    I was glad to call the Baird @ FWCC game a few weeks ago and man oh man is FWCC the real deal! It's no wonder Strawn and Richland Springs had a score a ridiculous amount of points to even win! The Cavalier offense is ELITE! The staff is also friendly there as well! Congrats Whit!🏈
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    Baird Vs. Lingleville will be the game to watch! I think Baird has the upperhand due to atmosphere since it will be the Bears senior night. Lingleville has looked strong and they've been winning games they're supposed to! I seriously can't wait to call this one Friday night!
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    I think the every team in the district has improved since last season. Whoever gets 2nd will likelgoty face Water Valley. It will likely be Baird again but we gotta play the games first! I do think that's how district will go though.
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    Teams or Weekly radio broadcasts

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    Teams or Weekly radio broadcasts

    I tried this on the DCTF forums but it seems did so I'm gonna put this here. You can use this thread to post your teams radio broadcast links or station so that we way more people know where they can listen. There is also sixman media sources such as Sixmania and Texas1afan that do different...
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    1A D1 D13 Region 4 Update

    Thanks I saw a few posts where SA was looking but glad they are keeping their game!
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    1A D1 D13 Region 4 Update

    Baird Vs. Lueders-Avoca will be on