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    Local places on the road for good food

    this is awesome thanks for the valuable thread
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    Looking for some Co-Ed High School Soccer Games

    not many schools do co-ed anymore. u would probably have to organise those games outside the season cos if other teams have organised teams they will be too busy during the season.
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    Cash worthless?

    inflation wise no. its not going to be worth much this time next year. seems counter intuitive but should invest even if investment is better than inflation you have won.
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    electric grid

    tsla act as an off grid power storage now with vehicle to grid transfer where u can make money
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    would like to see a dallas for chiefs this season. why not think we can develop on last season horrible 1st round exit and meet mahomes in the final. seems like an outside chance on but why not have a little cowboy and indians finale this time round.