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    2021 Playoffs - Week 13 - Confirmed Info Only

    There was talk about this game being in Slaton, but last I heard, it was going to be played at Ralls.
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    Games of the Week

    I love how Paducah always has the best athletic talent in the state, but always manages to go 3-7 every year. The staff must be a real brain trust.
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    They played well tonight. Were it not for a couple of turnovers, the game would have ended earlier. KC never got a stop aside from 2 fumbles. When Spur plays defense, and doesn't internally bicker, they are quite formidable. All that said, it will take a special effort to get past next week.
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    Avalon team to beat i

    I was unaware that's how it worked Mr. Milford. So it's actually like a fan elimination playoff? If you're team loses, you're eliminated? Does that also mean no more Chad sonce Spur k.o.ed KC?
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    Avalon team to beat i

    I can't speak to a lot of East matchups, but I can talk about a couple of games out West. While it may be true that Ira hasn't played any of the traditional powerhouses, they are a strong, well balanced team and should beat Crowell who (no offense meant if Crowell folks are on here) just doesn't...